5 Spring Outfit Ensembles

Spring came early! Lately, it’s been in the 50’s and 60’s which means throwing on cute dresses and wearing those outfits that you just can’t pull off during the winter when you’re freezing your butt off. Gone are the puffy winter coats and fleece-lined leggings. Heavy scarves are out, and light, pastel covered ones are in. Spring is the best time because light colors are everywhere and it’s socially acceptable to start wearing dresses with converses again. You can still wear winter-esque clothing but add some pop to it! Before it gets too hot to even wear clothing, we get to show off our unique personal styles. If it’s cool in the morning then hot in the afternoon, we can layer like there’s no tomorrow with jackets, scarves, and flannels. We can wear swanky sunglasses then pull our hair back with them during class and effortlessly look like we are chic and sophisticated. There is something about the springtime which brings out incredible fashion sense in all of us. Keep reading for my 5 spring outfit ensembles:


1. Army Jacket and Riding Boots

This look is one of my favorite spring outfit ensembles. I love army jackets because you can wear them with almost any outfit. This layered look is perfect for the beginning of spring because it will keep you warm while also showing how insanely stylish you are. The boots should be a staple of any wardrobe. You can pair riding boots with literally any outfit, so I would recommend purchasing a pair of brown ones because brown goes with black better than black goes with most things (see the black socks and brown boots). Pairing riding boots with over-the-knee socks is a hard look to pull off, but with the right outfit, it is an unbeatable combo. Layering is in this spring, so stock up and don’t be afraid to experiment with your choices because with simple things, you can make a masterpiece.


2. Solid Colored Shirt and Black Leggings

Another great outfit. This one is simple yet fashionable. The olive green shirt is much like an army jacket: it can go with anything. This shirt can be found at Target ($15) and is super adaptable so you can wear it with leggings, jeans, a skirt, anything. The black leggings are in every girl’s wardrobe, so this outfit is super easy to make for everyone. The boots are simple brown combat boots. Usually black combat boots are the perfect complement to black leggings, but with the incorporation of olive and burgundy tones, brown boots are a better match. Pair with some tall socks that match your top and you’ve got a cool outfit that is bound to impress your friends. Finally, accessorize. A bold watch will exude taste and class, because it says “I am fashionable and I like to be on time.” Finally, top the outfit off with some dangly earrings to match the mesh on the shirt.



3. Striped Shirt and Colored Jacket

Simple is complex. When it comes to spring outfit ensembles, the simpler the outfit, the better. Take this one for instance: by pairing a t-shirt with jeans and boots, this girl pulled off an incredible look without even trying. The simple navy striped shirt is back because it never went out of style; it can be paired with ANYTHING, so in one form or another, you should have a navy and white striped shirt in your closet. Next we’ve got simple blue jeans. Dark wash jeans are great to have because they can go with most shirts and shoes (dark or light). For instance, it bridges the gap between the black boots and navy shirt and makes the color scheme cohesive. The black boots, like I said before, can truly go with anything. Pair this simple look with a layered necklace and you can make the outfit sparkle. If its cold, top with a longer coat to complete the outfit and keep warm. If its warm, add a light dark colored jacket to walk to class.

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4. White Converse and Jean Jacket

“Who said I can’t wear my converse with my dress?” Well Demi, you predicted a trend that has stuck. White converse, while the least practical color, are the most popular. They are an essential to any wardrobe, because they make most outfits: especially this one. The floral patterned dress screams spring while the black undertones make it wearable year-round. The dark jean jacket completes the look by being both a jacket and an accessory. Either roll the cuffs or wear them long, it looks good with any dress. The necklace is a medium length. I personally opt for a choker with a jean and dress combo, but this necklace completes the floral-converse combo. Make sure to match your socks to either the dress or wear white, because with white converse it is very noticeable when your socks don’t match. This look is a must-have for spring because when the heat wave starts, you’ll be prepared and can shed the jacket for a more summery look!

5. Pastels and Light Scarf

“Pastels for Spring? Groundbreaking!” Meryl Streep said it best. Honestly when it comes to spring, bust out the pastels because they make the best spring outfit ensembles! Take this mint green sheer shirt. It looks fabulous paired with a red based scarf. The scarf is light and airy and though you may not think it would match the shirt, the risk paid off because this look cannot be beat. The bracelet matches the mint shirt, because you should always try to match your accessories, while the boots tie in with the scarf. The dark tones of the scarf match the darkness of the brown booties (wedges). The boots are cute for anyone: you can wear them with jeans, a dress, and even shorts or a romper! The jeans are a lighter dark-wash which ties the outfit all together. The dark-wash balances out the pastel shirt while still giving off a spring vibe. Simplicity never looked so sophisticated. This 4-piece outfit can be found anywhere and you can easily mix and match colors to make a statement.

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Featured Image Source: natalieleahandjosh.blogspot.com, playbuzz.com