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5 Spring Break Outfits From Day To Night

5 Spring Break Outfits From Day To Night

If you’re planning on jetting off somewhere warm and sunny for Spring Break, chances are you have a packed calendar of things to see and places to go. One of the most important considerations of Spring Break planning is what outfits you will wear each day (keeping in mind that most days will probably require more than one outfit). So, to spark your inspiration of the perfect spring break outfits, here are 5 ensembles to wear every step of the way.

These spring break outfits are perfect for taking from day to night!


This is an important one, because this is probably how you’ll be spending the majority of the day. The key to this outfit is the bathing suit – it’s likely what you’ll be showing off the most. However, you want to make sure you have a cute cover up to slip on when you and your friends decide to slip away for lunch, or take a stroll down to the cute guys by the volleyball courts.


These spring break outfits are perfect for a night out!   


If you can pull yourself away from laying by the ocean (or pool), you’ll probably want to spend a little bit of time sightseeing your destination. You’ll need a couple spring break outfits that work for exploration – this means comfy (and stylish of course).




Again, comfort is key with spring break outfits meant for shopping. Keep your attire simple, you’ll likely be constantly removing and putting your clothes back on to try on other items, so wear something that’s easy to throw on and off.



Unlike dinners back at home, generally spring break dinner nights are a little bit fancier, which means your spring break outfits dedicated to dinner should be on the nicer side. If you won’t be going back to the hotel after you eat, choose something that you can wear for the rest of the night as well.

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Night Out

These are the spring break outfits the most fun to shop for. Find colors (and cuts) that will show off your newly earned tan. Don’t be afraid to go for something with a little extra sass – you’re only on spring break once!


These spring break outfits are perfect for a night out!   These spring break outfits are perfect for a night out!

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