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5 Songs To Get You Through Finals

5 Songs To Get You Through Finals

Finals are approaching (or already here)! Yep, it’s the end of semester and Christmas isn’t the only thing coming. Finals are a necessary evil in order to make it home. A little cold weather never hurt anybody, but a ten-page term paper sure can. I’m here for all things music to help you up the ante and finish the semester strong – with 5 incredible songs you need to add to your study break playlist. Whenever need a breather from your studies, blast some music and have a little dance session. There’s never a bad time for a dance party, but it’s also important to have your priorities set straight. I hope that these songs see you through finals (and maybe even your next drunken escapade). Below are my top 5 songs to get you through hell week. Enjoy!

1. How Deep Is Your Love, Calvin Harris

This song belongs on your playlist no matter what. It gets you moving, even if it is involuntary. The bass is contagious, and I just can’t resist. I mean, not many songs can interrupt my trap music playlist and not get skipped. This one is an exception.

2. Best Friend, Young Thug

Embrace your inner ratchet and give this song a listen. Remember the viral “That’s My Best Friend” vine? Well now there are multiple songs about it; but in my eyes, this one takes the cake.


3. Hotline Bling, Drake (Bieber Remix)

I have love for Drake and that might be why I’m a little tired of hearing this song. So when in doubt, remix it out. So I have a new found love for the remix by Justin Bieber. I usually am not so fond of Bieber, but I’m slowly becoming a fan. I have listened to his latest album, and it has some gems on it that are worth adding to any playlist.

4. Jumpman, Future and Drake

I wouldn’t be real if I didn’t mention Future. He has put out some poppin’ songs in the past few months and I really hope he continues to do so. The Mixtape he put out in collab with Drake was pretty much the soundtrack to my semester. Jumpman, jumpman, this girl’s up to something!

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5. Trap Queen, Fetty Wap

This is a classic throwback that isn’t actually that old. Listening to it reminds me of summer when responsibility was nonexistent and the possibilities were endless. This deserves a spot on your playlist whether you’re a trap queen or not.

*You can find my full playlist posted on SoundCloud posted by powerwatts.

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