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5 Small Gestures to Do for Your Significant Other

5 Small Gestures to Do for Your Significant Other

  1. Write little notes or poems

  • Writing love letters and poetry for your significant other is a gesture that is as old as time. Before technology was invented this was how people who were dating would spread their love with their significant other. Sitting down and writing something for the person you are with shows them not only the feelings you are trying to convey but also that you took time out of your own day to sit down and write this. No matter how long or short, the fact that you took the time to commit to writing this shows them that you care about them. This is a gesture that goes a long way as sometimes we get lost in our lives and even though we see our partners often, it’s still nice to let them know how you feel. A lot of older couples today have kept a lot of the notes exchanged between them and their partner from when they started dating. Writing these notes or poems is also a great way to document how much your relationship has grown over the years. And for those who feel that they can’t write well, it’s the fact of committing your time into it. Don’t be afraid of what you’re saying, just say it in a way that sounds like you.



  1. Making the time to call them if you can’t see them

  • Time is something you lose the older you get. You get busier with work and school, and you of course have your own personal things to work on, so there might be some days where you can’t see your significant other. For days such as these, a phone call is a great way to unwind with them and still enjoy each other’s company. If you’re someone that doesn’t like to talk on the phone for a long time, all that this is doing is showing your significant other that you want to share your day with them. It doesn’t need to be a sic hour call, but even a small catch up is enough to let them know that you were thinking about them or that you missed them. I think with the advancement of so much technology, people have forgotten the effectiveness of a simple phone call. So many couples even love to just fall asleep on the phone together and that alone is a great enough gesture.




  1. Cooking for your significant other

  • As with most of these gestures, they involve doing things due to an overload of life. A lot of people don’t get the time to eat and if they do then maybe they can’t eat a good enough meal and have to settle for something small. A lot of partners can really show their appreciation by cooking a small meal for their partner that they know they love. Even if you don’t know how to cook, a simple display of their favorite snacks or even meals from a restaurant are enough to bring a smile onto anyone’s face. There is also no problem with asking someone to help you cook. Food can severely affect someone’s attitude and tone and a lot of people unfortunately don’t get the time to eat which can make them continue on with the day with a negative attitude. It doesn’t take much to put together a small display of their favorite meals and snacks. Imagine how happy you will feel if you came home to that yourself. I’m sure that the feeling will be mutual once they see what you did for them. And if you do decide to cook something and it doesn’t come out perfect, I’m sure the effort alone will change their entire mood.



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  1. A gift basket

  • Gift baskets are a great way to remind your significant other of your love for them. You don’t need a special occasion to get something for them, just a nice thought and motive behind it. Gift baskets can be personalized any way you’d like them to be. You get total control as to what you put inside of one. You can choose snacks, books, movies, pictures, clothes, anything. The sky is the limit. If your significant other is a huge Star Wars fan, then maybe a Star Wars themes gift basket made up of little Star Wars items will be the perfect thing for them. Many people have created entire social media accounts dedicated to making themed gift baskets. It’s not an idea that you can go wrong with. It will not just show your partner that you care, but it will also show them that you know the things they like, and you remember them. For a lot of people that alone is enough to make them happy. The baskets themselves don’t even have to be that expensive either. You can find plenty of great items for cheap all over the place.



  1. Get into some of the things that they like

  • Now this one can be a little difficult as not everything is made for everyone. When getting into something to show your partner that you care, you don’t have to end up liking it in the end. Just show that you cared enough to try and understand the thing they love. Whether it’s listening to their favorite band, or watching their favorite show, or reading their favorite book, there are an endless number of things you can try and get into for your partner. It’s also a great way to grow as a pair in a relationship. In the end, even if you don’t like something that they love you still gave it a chance and showed them that it mattered enough for you to try. And who knowns, maybe you end up discovering something new that you love yourself. There are a lot of great pieces of entertainment out in the world and your partner just may be the way that you stumble across some of those things.