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5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

Summer Makeover, 5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

Summer is quickly approaching, and with that comes new summer décor. Constantly switching up home décor to match the season can become quite costly so to avoid the pricey remodel, here are 5 simple ways to give your home a summer makeover. These tips will help transform your house into the envy of all summer barbeques and pool parties.

1. Change The Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows can help make or break a room. There can never be too many throw pillows. People who have a passion for Pinterest and decorating their homes would agree with this statement. The bigger the stack of pillows, the closer to heaven. Throw pillows are usually pretty inexpensive for home décor and there is such a wide selection to choose from. The best places to check out throw pillows include HomeGoods, Tjmaxx, or Target. When it comes to throw pillows, it’s a good idea to remember to have a few neutral pillows that can constantly be kept out. This way when it comes to decorating for different seasons, you only need to purchase a few pillows that fit the desired theme or color scheme. Most throw pillows are usually around 30 dollars, some are even cheaper. Grab a few pillows for your couch or love seat and you are styling.  

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

2. Buy Live Plants Or Fake Plants

Summer is known for greenery, and as a time when nature is alive and vibrant. That is what makes summer such a positive and prosperous time. This is a vibe, that people want to carry into their homes as well. Plants in the summer should be grown inside, as well as outside.  

Even if the plant is something as simple as a succulent, they add a nice touch to the house. You do not need a green thumb to have plants in your house! That belief is a myth. There are several easy house plants that are low maintenance. A few low maintenance plants include Chinese Evergreen, Yucca, Bromeliad, and any air plant. These plants do well in room temperature settings, with minimal watering. The air plant does not require any soil. These plants are relatively cheap ranging from around $10-30.

If real plants are still too high maintenance, there are plenty of fake plant options. This would be a great opportunity to get fake brightly colored flowers. Choose some that match the accent colors of the home. This will add a great pop of color and a bit of liveliness to your home. One benefit of fake plants is that they can be recycled year after year. It is the (fake) plant that keeps on giving!


5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

3. Repaint A Room Or Wall With Bright/Light Colors

Summer is the perfect opportunity to paint an accent wall a bright or risky color. Try a pastel, bright color, or simply white! When a room is painted a light color, especially white, it appears much larger than if it were a dark color. Dark colors make small rooms appear much smaller than they truly are. If you are struggling with a tiny room, try this trick out and see if it helps! Color options that would be eye-catching for a summer color scheme include yellows, blues, light pinks, salmons, and lighter greens. There are plenty of options to choose from, just head over to your local hardware store to check out the paint samples. If you want to put in a little extra work, wallpaper could also be a feasible option. 

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

4. Decorate A Table 

If you have a plain kitchen, dining room, or coffee table have no fear because decorations are here! A plain table is the perfect place to begin adding decoration when it comes to a summer makeover. If it’s a kitchen table you’re looking to makeover, try buying a festive, pastel or white linen table cloth for a simply effortlessly chic look. Grab a few cute placemats and simple white plates. This season, I would recommend going with some woven placemats as they are what’s trending. If white plates are too boring for your style, try finding a set of plates that have a fun design and incorporate your accent color. Set out some fun glasses to finish the look, and you’ve created a table set up made for the cover of Crate and Barrel!

A centerpiece is also very important to add to your table setup, whether it be on the kitchen table or coffee table. Centerpieces amp up the style of the room and are actually so simple to DIY. To make a simple centerpiece, begin with a clear glass container or vase. Next, fill it with anything of your choice. Fake lemons are popular this year but fake flowers or candles are also viable options. Smaller candles spread around the centerpiece also adds to the aesthetic. 

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5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

5. Freshen Up Any Outdoor Areas

Patio furniture can be expensive. It is definitely an investment, but if you have the money, it would be worth purchasing a quality set of patio furniture. If that option is just not viable for you, don’t worry as there are plenty of other simple ways to give your outdoor area a summer makeover without going overboard.

Begin by borrowing a pressure washer to give the outdoor space a good cleanse. It’s important to start with a clean palette. Buy some string lights and hang them around the yard. These can be found at just about every home store. Buy a few outdoor plants and add them to the yard. If your outdoor area is lacking space, hanging plants will allow for the greenery factor without taking up much room. If space is not limited, try planting a few bushes or flowers! As mentioned earlier, patio furniture is nice, but it is not a must. If possible, find some cheap furniture such as a table and chairs. Furniture makes your outdoor space functional and if the space is not functional, it is less likely to be used. 

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home A Summer Makeover

Your home should be the place where you want to spend most of your time. These simple additions will give your home a summer makeover that should help make your house feel like a home!

What other home makeover ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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