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5 simple ways to brighten up a dorm room

Is your dorm room boring and plain? Here are some ways to elevate it and get a Pinterest-worthy dorm room all your friends will be jealous of. 


If your college is anything like mine, it has pretty obnoxious floor tiling. Covering it up with a rug creates more of a home environment and brings together the colors of the room. There are so many sizes and designs of all different price differences. You can get a more neutral color to compliment the colors of your room or go for a larger statement piece with a color like hot pink. I have a fluffy gray rug from five and below, it is small but it still adds to the room. If you want a larger rug you can completely cover up the floor of the dorm room. It also looks like you put in a lot more effort in designing your room than you actually did. It is also nice to have if you want to sit on the floor to do your makeup or journal. The only thing you want to be aware of is keeping it clean, you will not want to spill any crumbs or drinks on it that will have you scrubbing it out for days.


Need something to add something fun to your wall? Get a tapestry! There are so many cute designs and funny quotes you can get put on it. It is also something personal to you and shows your friends your true self. It also helps a plain room look way more exciting and decorative. They are also not very expensive and can be reused over and over again. You can also get a custom tapestry, and fill it up with photos of you and your friends. You could get your favorite singer, movie, comedian, the ideas are endless. It also makes the room much less like a standard dorm room. You can also put up multiple if you want to cover your wall in them. It also does not take much time to put up and does not make a mess. You can also just get a classic tapestry that is easy to put in any room even when you are home.


Add some life to your room, literally! Buy yourself a plant to add in your room. You can get a larger plant to stand in the corner or a smaller one to place on your desk. It is something you can take care of everyday and put time in. It is something special that not many people will have in their room exactly like yours. You can even have a shelf full of plants if you want to start a collection, or you can just put them on a window sill. You can also have flowers if you want, you can leave the vase on your desk and see them everyday as you get ready. It is a great reminder of the love and care you take out of the day for yourself. It also is something you can accomplish everyday, if you did not get all the tasks you wanted to do for the day you at least got to water the plant. You can also decorate the pot the plant is in, adding a painting with pretty colors or your name. It also has a range of prices, you can buy a smaller cheap plant or invest in a more expensive one. If you live off campus, it will be easier to go with the larger plant option.


Create a photo wall! Add some photos of friends and family, especially ones that are back home. It is a great way to have a part of home with you even when you are away. You can also go through Pinterest and find aesthetic photos that match the color of your room or just photos you enjoy. I have photos of fashion, beaches, cities, etc. on my wall in light pink and neutral tones that match the rest of my room. You can add clips to them to hang them up on a line if you want, and you can add stickers or decorations as well. Make them personalized to you and what you want for your room. Photos are easy to print out at most drugstores, so you can easily get to one from your campus. It is something exciting I look forward to every year because I can personalize it to how I want my room to look like. I’ve also had friends that have covered their entire wall in photos, which takes a lot of time and dedication. If you are going for the more aesthetic photo idea, I would keep a similar color scheme to keep it looking cohesive. If it is more just your favorite things then it is easier to do different colors.

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Need something to illuminate your room? Get some fairy or LED lights! They are easy to put up and can make any room look that much better. You can put them around your photo wall or up at the top of the ceiling. You can also change the color of the LED lights to match your room, and it is fun to have when you are playing music. If you change your bedding you will still have lights that match everything. Having fairy lights with a girly room really adds a special touch that brings the whole room together. It adds just enough lighting to get rid of that standard yellowish light a dorm room has. You can also get a lamp to have in your room, this will completely light up your room. There are also lamps with LED lighting, if you still want the different colors. You can also get a desk lamp, which is especially useful for when doing homework or joining a Zoom meeting. Investing in a quality lamp will be worth it in the long run.

Do you have any of these items already? Which one will you be purchasing? Comment down below!

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