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5 Signs You Should Be a Chemical Engineering Major

5 Signs You Should Be a Chemical Engineering Major

Making decisions is never easy, especially those that play an influential role in your future. Having to choose a major that will either make you love what you are doing, or make you resent the day you chose that course, is definitely difficult. Each person has gone through this process of wondering which is the best option, hoping for a sign that the major they chose was the right one. Here are some signs that you definitely are (or meant to be) a chemical engineering major.

1. You have a love and passion for math and chemistry.

Math is something that most people hate during high school; and it doesn’t get any easier in college. You’ll be studying Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus all over again on a much more difficult level. If you love math than you should also have that zeal for chemistry. Chemistry is tough, but it’s even harder if you don’t have a passion for it. If thinking about a solid blue liquid turning clear makes you giddy – than you should definitely consider a chemical engineering major.


you love math and chemistry

2. You’re good at creating things.

Engineering, in general, is one of the most difficult majors there is. Having to learn the physics of a structure (and the math behind it) all comes down to the desire to create something. It is where you can let your imagination run free, alongside your love for math and science. If you don’t like creating things, or lack an active imagination, than a chemical engineering major probably isn’t for you.

your good at creating things


3. You want to help the economy and make a difference.

The difference between chemistry and chemical engineering is basically the production. Chemistry is used to discover something and create a sample, while chemical engineering is finding the most economic way to produce it. If you have an incessant need to make a difference in the world, this is a sure sign you are (or should be) a chemical engineering major. Growing up, I have always wanted to help solve some of the issues that people face. I want to push for something better, and devote my time for the betterment of this world. If you also like helping people, than this major could be for you!

you want to make a difference

4. You want to travel and make money.

Having one of the most sought out jobs has its perks. Some of these include high salary and being able to travel. Most people choose their major because of the salary that they will get upon graduating. However, with chemical engineering, not only will you be able to help the world and get a good pay, but you will also be able to travel the world at the same time.

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Lets travel while making money

5. You like having a variety of career choices.

Chemical engineers have a variety of career choices to pick from, ranging from pharmaceutical analyst to mass producer of cosmetics. Not to mentioned that within each field you will meet some amazing people. These people will be your teammates for a bigger goal, to help change the world and to make memories while you’re at it. Never forget that people can play a big role in your future.



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