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5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

5 shoes every woman should own

The lure of those mint suede platforms was irresistible…those Michael Kors cage heels were super trendy at the time…and you really needed those thigh-high boots when they were in four winters ago. But if you go out and shop all the hip trends, you will quickly amass a crazy collection of shoes, taking up an abundance of room in your closet, most of which will never see the light of day again. At some point, we need to let go. Here is an easy guide on how to streamline and make sure that you have the essentials covered.




 1) The black pump. Timeless and chic, the black pump is a staple and finding a relatively comfortable, quality pair is a must. Whether it’s for a job interview or a night on the town, you can never go wrong with this flattering style. They are the LBD of the shoe world, appropriate for every occasion and can easily take your look from day to night. Choose leather as it will last longer and become more comfortable over time. I can personally say, a better quality shoe for a higher price is a much better buy than cheaper shoe of lesser quality.

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2) Flats. Your feet will thank you. Flats are a stylish, comfortable shoe, adorable with a casual outfit, and lightweight and flexible enough to carry around if your heels just aren’t doing it for you. Flats are the most versatile type of shoe that you can own: they’re professional at work, chic during the weekend, and suitable for traveling and hanging out.




3) Sneakers. In addition to running shoes, we should all have a pair of comfortable sneakers. The best pairs are supportive and timeless, great for running errands or walking the town in your favorite jeans.  Wearing sneakers more often can also help improve posture and lessen the aches caused by heels and some flats. I love sneakers with fun patterns or styles, and they’re great for dressing down a skirt or dainty shorts.

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4) Sandals. We all need a go-to pair of sandals that are stylish for warmer weather. Pair a flowy maxi dress with a simple, charming sandal, or rolled up jeans with a pop of color or fun texture! Whether you gravitate towards metallics, black patent, or worn-in leather, choose a pair that will coordinate well with your summer wardrobe.


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5) Booties. A favorite of mine. Short booties are incredibly versatile, and can be worn during any season. With jeans, shorts, or a dress, they add an extra bit of style to your look. Even with tights and a loose tunic, booties are a definite head-turner! Those with a block heel are also a great way to add height if you’re looking for a heel or wedge alternative.

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