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5 Rules for Using Tinder on Campus

5 Rules for Using Tinder on Campus

We’ve all been there – super lonely, tired of seeing couples and all of their lovey-dovey crap, and frankly fed up because we seem to be the only ones not hooking up with someone. You know in the movies how a person is really depressed about being lonely and then their knight in shining armor magically appears? Well, that’s where Tinder steps in.

Ah, Tinder, the place to go for hookups with random strangers with whom you share maybe one common interest with. Tinder is a brilliant thing, because who wants to have a one-night stand and ever have to see that person again? Not me. That’s why the distance setting is a gift from God himself. But if you are one of those people who are using Tinder to enjoy hooking up with random people on campus (what is wrong with you??), luckily you can adjust your distance settings to find people on campus who are also using Tinder. So, if you are one of those foolish people using Tinder for sub par campus hookups…there are a few rules you should follow.


Because that can get SUPER awkward…trust me, I know.

2. Wait AT LEAST a week before hooking up with another person on campus.

You don’t want to be known as the campus sex toy.

3. Please, for the love of God, do NOT go bragging about your on-campus hookup to your friends.

Because it will find its way back to the other person. (NOT GOOD!!)

4. If your Tinder hookup ends with you and the other person in a relationship, don’t tell other people you met on Tinder.

You will get judged and you’ll feel bad.

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5. Just don’t use Tinder.

You heard me – don’t use it, period. YOU’RE MUCH BETTER THAN THAT. There’s a reason you only find certain types of people on Tinder.

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you need to have the cheap, possibly drunken, one-night stands that leave you wondering what happened in the morning. Using Tinder for on campus hookups is good in theory, but never in practice.

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