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5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

So it’s almost Valentine’s Day and you’re probably wondering what you should do. Even if you do not have much creativity or you are on a budget, here are 5 Valentines Day date ideas that you might enjoy!

1. Stay Home

This is a perfect idea if you just want to be alone with your date. This is also the ideal date idea if you’re looking to save some money. You guys can either cook dinner together, which is great quality time, or one party can cook for the other one. Finish off the meal with a joint effort in baking. Make cookies from scratch to make them extra tasty. A quiet romantic dinner at home with wine or good drinks is never a bad idea for a meaningful Valentine’s Day date!

2. A Fancy Dinner

If you love going out to eat, this Valentine’s Day date idea is the one for you. What more of a reason do you need to finally go to the restaurant that’s just a bit out of your price range – it is a special occasion after all! Be spontaneous and try new dishes, or even let your partner order for you. You could discover a taste for something new, while simultaneously sharing a few laughs with your date!


3. A Hotel Getaway

A hotel date for Valentine’s Day is super romantic! Whether you and your date go downstairs to the bar for drinks or stay inside all night long, you’ll be in a place that you’re not used to – making the night seem exciting and different! Whatever you do, be sure to get a room with a nice hot tub, get out the candles and pour some bubbly – you guys deserve it!

4. Movie Night

If going out to eat or spending the night in a hotel is a bit out of your budget, how about going to a movie! Sure, it may sound typical, but Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the one you love, doing what you love…so if you want to see a movie, do it! Indulge a little and get all the fixings – extra buttered popcorn, tubs of candy and wash it all down with a slushie to share (two straws, of course). If you don’t feel like leaving the house, rent a movie you both have been wanting to see and snuggle together on the couch!

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5. Painting Studio

How about a painting date? If this is something that you and your date have not done before, even better! Have a few drinks and get in touch with your creative sides. A date idea that’s out of the box and will leave you with a memory you can cherish forever (even if your painting turns out to be the ugliest thing in the world!).


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