5 Reasons Why Increasing Your Water Intake Is Beneficial

5 Reasons Why Increasing Your Water Intake Is Beneficial

Water is a key nutrient to maintain the good health of your body! We often curb water for tastier options like juice, soda, coffee, and other beverages that serve us no good purpose. Some drinks do give you health benefits but not nearly as much as water! Our bodies are primarily made up of water so when we lose it, it’s important to replace it. It is vital to our mental and physical conditions as we hope to live long lives. Drinking water does more than you know.

We are seeing a rise in drinks that are bring popularized through social media and pop culture for us to try. We need to be aware that water is still the OG of hydrating our bodies and upkeeping them well. It is recommended that we drink 6 to 8 glasses a day but I know I don’t always succeed. It hard to remember when we are going throughout our day! It is very essential though and we have to do more to make sure we are doing our part. Here are some benefits that I hope will help you see the importance of keeping water in the rotation of your food cycle.

Energy Boosting

Water is an essential part of your health and living a good life. When we are low energy, it can be an indicator that we need more water! Water is the best hydration you can give your body and a great way to keep your body in good condition. In life, different things make us dehydrated and low in energy. We sometimes we indulge in caffeine or hydration-draining diets and also may have conditions that dry our body out.


Drinking water will hydrate your body as well as give you that energy boost you need to carry out your business. Eating certain foods that convert to energy will also help in giving you the energy you need. Drinking a few glasses a day and staying away from certain foods can improve your body function by a long shot.

Skin Health

The health of your skin is important especially if you work in the beauty or entertainment industry. We all like to have clear and glowing skin, it gives us that feeling of healthy and beautiful. Water plays a big part in our skin’s appearance and the way we age over time. Water is the elasticity we need to keep our skin firm, plump, and ultimately youthful. Adding moisturizer and other beauty products do have benefits that can enhance your skin as well.

Try drinking majority water if you are suffering from acne problems! This will help in clearing it up and keeping your skin from flaring up. Our diets play a key role in how our skin reacts to what we are feeding it. Ever had a bag of chips and then had a break out a day later? Something in those chips irritates your skin, a certain ingredient, and it’s not ideal when you suffer from skin problems. Staying clear of unhealthy food and increasing your water will help you very much.


Clears Out Toxins

Drinking water when you first wake up helps flush out toxins. This is vital to keeping a good healthy body. We all have toxins that enter our bodies from various sources. This can be caused by the air we breathe, the food we eat, and other things our bodies ingest. That is why it is so important for us to clear out those toxins so they won’t form into something else inside of our bodies.

Drinking water constantly will improve your health by making you flush out those toxins through urine! If you ever had a strong odor in your pee, those are the toxins and lack of water increases the odor and stench of it. Flushing out your body is key to feeling better and having better energy like I said in the last column. Drink that water, starting early in the morning and all throughout the day to flush out the bad vibes and toxins we don’t need.

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Weight Loss

Water has zero calories as we all know! This is the perfect way to drop those extra pounds while getting tons of benefits. Having a glass of water before your meals will lower your portion sizes and give you the lovely benefits mentioned in this article. If you are so full of water, you don’t overeat or crave things like you normally would. Scientists believe that it increases your metabolism which helps in dropping those pounds faster.

Water is key to keeping off those pounds as well. By drinking water continuously, it helps curve that appetite that you once had. Water also helps during exercise by dissolving electrolytes and keeping you hydrated with energy throughout the exercise itself.

Healthy Hair

The health of our hair is important especially to those of us who love to style our hair! Water helps keeping those strands nourished and our nerve endings healthy. We do a lot to maintain healthy hair by buying products that work on the outside. There is a need to maintain the health of the hair on the inside. Keeping our bodies nourished with water promotes hair growth and healthy long-lasting results. This makes our hair less likely to break and go limp. Our hair will be long and strong like the Pantene commercials.


Drinking water promotes a healthy scalp from which the hair grows. The scalp will be soft and hydrated making the hair easy to come out. Drinking water will also help repair damages done to the hair. Excess heat and other various environmental factors can damage the strands we love so much. Increasing your water will help in repairs to the scalp and through strands. You can use other hair products to repair as well but water is the most important nutrient of all. Keep a cup to drink on the hour to keep the health of your skin, body, and hair in good standing!

Which benefit are you most shocked by? Which benefit do you want for yourself? How much water do you drink daily? Let us know in the comments below.