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5 Reasons to Consider Attending a Women’s College

5 Reasons to Consider Attending a Women’s College

5 Reasons to Consider Attending a Women’s College

When I first started my college search, the idea of attending an all-women’s college did not sound very appealing. But the more I looked into it, I realized the many benefits of surrounding myself with other women who valued a small, unique college experience. Here are five reasons why attending a women’s college shouldn’t be off your radar.

Why you should attend and all-women's college

1. Traditions

Parades, dinners, dances, fancy class rings- need I say more? Each campus is unique, but participating in these events will definitely make your college experience unforgettable. And, you can share your stories about these activities for years to come!


2. Smaller Class Sizes

A smaller classroom setting isn’t for everyone, but often times girls in this type of environment feel more empowered and willing to voice their ideas without fear of judgement by 200 plus people. If you’re hesitant about the classes being only female, rest assured that most women’s colleges offer dual-enrollment classes at nearby universities.


3. Close-Knit Community

Professors take the time to get to know you and learn about your personal goals. Students ultimately challenge and inspire their female colleagues, so the atmosphere in a women’s colleges is comforting and full of encouragement.


4. One Giant Sorority

Basically, its girl’s night, every night. There will always be someone who is willing to make fast food runs with you at 2 a.m., cry over a chick flick, or give you boy advice. Your “big” sister can also be a mentor to you as you try and juggle the aspects of everyday college life. Plus, you can still enjoy all the fun activities without the stress of rush week or worrying about getting a certain bid.

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5. The Success Rate

Most women who graduate from these schools are better prepared for the real world. They are given the necessary knowledge and critical thinking skills to succeed at any job they see fit. A valued education gives women confidence to take on demanding (and high paying) jobs. If you need further proof, look to the ladies who’ve obtained positions of power from their well-earned degrees (such as Hilary Clinton and Martha Stewart).


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