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5 Reasons the Last Few Months of High School Actually Matter

5 Reasons the Last Few Months of High School Actually Matter

When we think of senior year of high school we think of prom, graduation and basically just counting down the days till we can leave; but our senior year is so much more than that. The beginning of our senior year is all about applying for college, but once we get accepted, we start to get lazy and forget that we still have lots of things to do. Here are 5 reasons why the last few months of high school actually matter!

1. These are the last months of being a “child.”

During the last few months of high school, in many people’s eyes, you are still considered a child. That is not to be taken offensively! College is just around the corner – the time when you will really come into adulthood. I have been there and have been called a child (I still get called one sometimes), but what I mean is that you still have a protective barrier around you in high school. The worst thing that can happen to you in high school is that you get sent to the principle if you get in trouble. After graduation you will be expected to go to college, get a job, etc. You are essentially on your own and have to make your own decisions as an adult. So take these last few months of being a “child” to start the transitioning process, college will be here before you know it.


the last few months of being like a kid

2. This is the time to apply for scholarships.

For anyone planning on attending college, the last few months of high school is the prime time to start applying for scholarships, many of which are available between November and May. You should start by filling out local ones that are offered by your high school or community. National/regional scholarships are harder to receive because there are more applicants applying, but they are definitely worth a shot. You can also apply for the scholarships that are offered by the college or university that you are attending.

applying for scholarships is very important


3. An opportunity to build up your resume.

Participating in extracurricular activities in high school looks really good on college applications. Colleges love to see that you are well rounded and did more than academics in high school. Extracurricular participation shows your diversity and contribution to your school…plus it can be fun! In fact, if you’re starting to feel a little stress about high school coming to an end, an extracurricular activity could be just the distraction you need! There are lots of options like debate teams, dance groups, band, sports, etc.

participate in activities in high school

4. Now is your time to shine.

If you play a sport in high school and are very serious about continuing it in college, recruiting in very important. Many colleges send out recruiters during the last few months of high school to scout for potential players. That being said, you should put 110% into your game because you never know who may be watching!

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prepare for recruiters

5. Take advantage of these last few months with friends and family.

These are probably the last few months that you will be seeing your friends and family almost every day. Many of you will separate from each other and go to different colleges or even different states. So make the most of these moments and have as much fun as you can!


spend time with high school friends


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