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5 Reasons to Study Environmental Science

5 Reasons to Study Environmental Science

Still have your major listed as “undecided,” but considering majoring in environmental studies? Well, look no further for the inside scoop on the environmental studies social science track! I have been declared an ES major for all four years at Connecticut College and am here to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly. Listed below are the top 5 reasons to study environmental science.

1. You will make friends.

Yay for friends! A lot of students at Conn choose this major, so there are plenty of study buddies to go around. You will often see the familiar people in your classes, and you will have a lab partner for most science labs – yet another great way to meet people and make friends.

2. You will spend time outside.

Aaaah. Fresh air. If you’re like me, and your train of thought is something along the lines of “ughhhh please no” every time a professor mentions going outside, you can still survive the ES major! There are a wide variety of classes, some with outdoor labs, and some without. But for those November labs, always remember to wear Bean Boots and a warm coat, or else you’ll be miserable. By the end of it, you’ll actually learn some cool stuff, like being able to identify a maple tree! Now who doesn’t want to be able to identify a maple tree?


3. You will be challenged.

…But then rewarded, for your hard work. The environmental studies classes are definitely not classes where you will receive easy A’s, but you will form amazing bonds with your professors

4. You will become more aware of environment cleanliness.

As you should! One of the most important of our 5 reasons to study environmental science. Unless you want to be called out in front of the entire class, avoid being seen using a plastic water bottle. Your ES friends– (and your professors)– will nag you every single day until you convert to a Nalgene or other reusable bottle, it’s for the best!

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5. You will gain a better understanding of the world around you.

And that’s somewhat important. It’s only where you live! Unless we want to start searching for real estate on Mars, it is absolutely critical that more of us become advocates for protecting our home, Mother Earth.


If you are currently studying in environment studies, or enjoyed reading 5 reasons to study environmental science at Connecticut College, please feel free to comment below with any advice you might have!

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