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5 Reasons Why NYC Is The Best City

5 Reasons Why NYC Is The Best City

There are definitely many reasons as to why New York City is the best city in the world and it’s just too hard to narrow them down, but here you will find five quick easy reasons as to why it is!


1. The beautiful skyline.

Let’s be real, nothing can beat the New York City skyline. NYC may not be the birthplace of the skyscraper, but let’s be real: when people talk about the city skyline, there is no doubt that they are talking about New York City!

2. Bars are open until 4 AM.

In the city that never sleeps, the late nightlife rules. There is an array of choices out in the city waiting for you come 3 in the morning! It is just as lively during the daytime as it is at night!


3. The subway runs 24/7.

It’s fitting that in the city that never sleeps, the subway doesn’t either. It has the most stations than any other public transportation in the world!

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4. You can eat anything at any time!

There is no place like New York City to eat, because there are so many choices! No matter what food you are in the mood for, be sure to never question if the city has it!


5. There’s always room for innovation.

New Yorkers respect the newest of the new and have no problem with change. But as great as it is to embrace the new, NYC knows it is equally important to not take the classics for granted.

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