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5 Reasons To Join A Sorority At SJU

5 Reasons To Join A Sorority At SJU

When one thinks of a “college experience,” he or she often creates images in their heads of perhaps their future dorm room, a new life in a new city, pizza deliveries at 1:00 AM, losing their voice at athletic games and above all, creating friendships that will last a lifetime. Joining a sorority at SJU will fulfill this “college experience” in more ways than one. With that being said, St. John’s University has made fraternities and sororities a fundamental part of the SJU community since 1956 for a reason!

Not only does joining a sorority at SJU mean that you have formed friendships with 50+ new incredible girls, but it means that you have become a part of something bigger than yourself, which is undeniably one of the greatest feelings. Greek organizations are bonded by common goals and senses of character, a true honor.

Here are five reasons why joining a sorority at SJU will be the best decision of your college career:


1. Sisterhood

By joining a sorority at SJU, you will never feel alone. Whether it’s grabbing a cup of coffee at Starbucks or eating lunch at Montgoris Dining Hall, there’s always a sister who’s willing to join you on your campus adventures. You will always feel a sense of belonging, which is an incredibly comforting feeling in college. Not only do you receive new shirts, sweaters and caps with your Greek letters, you gain a home away from home. Whether it’s returning home from studying abroad or summer vacation, you always have a family welcoming you back with open arms.

2. Social Activities

A huge part of being a member of a sorority at SJU is being active on campus. You will never find yourself lacking involvement in the Red Storm community. Being in a sorority allows you to constantly meet new people and form new friendships even outside of your own organization! There are always events to attend and of course, SJU’s annual “Greek Week” comes along with new memories and great times with your sisters and friends.


3. Big & Little

Meeting your “big sister” will be one of the most memorable moments during your time as an active sister. Your “big sister” is not only your mentor in the sorority, but in all that you do. Soon thereafter, you will become a “big sister” and receive a “little sister.” There is no better feeling than knowing that you have your own family tree within your sorority sisters. Even though “Big & Little” is just a title, your family tree will be there to guide you, protect you, and love you like any big or little sister would.

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Being in a sorority will inspire you to achieve not only your organization’s goals, but your personal goals as well. As a member, you will be expected to have a good academic standing, be active in the SJU community through philanthropy and aim high. If you are a person who has motivation, joining a sorority would only encourage you to achieve those #GOALS of yours! Get it girl!


5. Future Success

Not only does joining a sorority allow you to network during your time in college, but after as well! Members are able to connect with alumni through their organization for guidance on resumes, internships and jobs. Being a student in New York City can get pretty competitive, so alumni can only help you! After all, it’s not only four years, it’s for life.

Quote to remember…

“From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.” -Anonymous

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