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5 Reasons Having a Cold is the Absolute Worst!

5 Reasons Having a Cold is the Absolute Worst!

“Ah, ah, ahCHOOOOO!” Oh, no. You’ve got the sniffles. You also have a research paper, two projects and an exam all in the upcoming week. The only thing that could make that worse would be having a cold, which, judging from that sneeze…you now have. Here are five reasons why having a cold is the absolute worst.

1. You look like you’ve been crying for three days straight.

Dear, red, puffy, bloodshot eyes…NO ONE LIKES YOU. Everybody hates having to explain, that no, you’re not crying, and yes, you’re okay; you just have a very bad cold. For us ladies, covering up puffy eyes is no big deal; a dash of concealer and we’re good to go. However, sometimes your cold will be so bad that you won’t even have the energy to think about hiding those red, watery eyes. The windows to your soul will be a bottomless pool of unwanted tears, that will come forth at the most inconvenient times.


2. Your nose will be an ever-flowing drain of yuck.

Never in your life will you go through as many tissues as you do when you have a cold. Your nose will be completely overflowing with snot and you will not know what to do except to keep reaching for tissue after tissue. Your ability to breathe will slowly go from one nostril, to the other, because your nose is stuffed to the max. There will also be times where your nose will start to tickle and you know that it won’t just be a sneeze coming out of your nose. All you can really do at that point is to just let it all flow out and deal with the aftermath with your head held high (literally, this might stop the constant flow of mucus) and a tissue in your pocket.

3. Your throat will feel raw and scratchy.

No amount of chicken noodle soup will help soothe the aching pain in the back of your throat when you have a cold. No matter how hard we try to gulp down hot tea, soups and all other home remedies, the pain will simply not go away. Sometimes it gets to a point where you just stop trying and wait for the day where you can finally swallow more than liquid! That, my friend, is a glorious day because not only will you be able to swallow solid foods, but it also means that you are one step closer on your road to recovery.


4. You will have a never ending headache.

You never realized how loud your roommate was until now that your head is pounding from being overly congested. Nothing seems to take away the pain of this never ending headache no matter how many Advil you take. Not only is having a sinus headache painful, but it makes it almost impossible to concentrate on the many tasks you have as a college student! Sometimes the only thing to relieve it is to sleep, and who has time to sleep with hundreds of assignments due?

Your head will feel like it's going to explode!

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5. Your body will ache all over.

You thought having a sinus headache was bad, until the pain seems to have spread all over your body. You feel weak and don’t want to get out of bed for any slight reason. Despite your efforts to get up for your 8 AM class, your body won the battle and your still in bed at 11 AM. You suddenly feel like you’ve aged thirty years and can’t bend over or even walk! How can a simple cold have this much effect on your body?

Everything hurts!

Having a cold will make you feel miserable and all you’ll want to do is stay under the covers with a cup of tea, box of tissues and Netflix by your side. Don’t stress too much though…this too shall pass.

get well soon!
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