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5 Reasons Why Dating a Teammate Is NOT OK

5 Reasons Why Dating a Teammate Is NOT OK

Dating a teammate can be a problem for various reasons. Keep reading for 5 reasons why dating a teammate is NOT Ok.

1. Dating a teammate is like dating a sibling.

Teammates are supposed to be family. All athletes know that. And while the pool for same sex relationships isn’t huge, choosing to date a teammate is kind of like dating your sibling. Nobody likes incest.

2. You will rarely ever look hot.

You’re not on a team to look cute. You’re on a team to work hard and work up a sweat. Practice isn’t a time to stay cute and presentable. Your teammates are supposed to be able to see you at your absolute worst and not have it affect how they see you. Practice isn’t a time to show up with makeup and your best bedroom eyes ready to go. Practice is a time to focus on your sport and why you’re actually there. No flirting on the bench, court, field, or any other athletic facility. Leave the bedroom eyes in the bedroom.


3. Playing sports is supposed to be an escape.

Sports are quite literally made to give people a healthy outlet from their lives. If you get into a fight with your significant other and then BOOM they’re at 6 am lift, nobody wins.

4. It can create drama for the rest of the team.

So please, save your friends the tension you’ll cause in the group chat and the awkward team bonding sessions. Your teammates love you and will support anything you do, that has always been the case, but what are they supposed to do if the two of you break up? The team will feel awkward and obligated to take sides. Save them the drama, you don’t want to split up a family.

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5. After a break up there is no avoiding them.

Unless you’re about to quit the team, you’re stuck. All the things you fell in love with in the first place will be right there in front of you every practice every game every scrimmage.

Word of Advice:

Choose your decisions wisely when you’re part of a sports team; don’t forget why you tried out for the team in the first place. If a person you’re interested in is worth the wait then… wait.

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