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5 Rainy Day Essentials

5 Rainy Day Essentials

We’ve all been there. You wake up ready to take on the day when suddenly you hear that big roar of thunder. Crap. Before you furiously grab those sweatpants and toss on an old hoodie, consider these rainy day essentials that are guaranteed to add a little brightness to those gloomy days.

Cute outfits!

The Trench Coat

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t wear a cute outfit – just cover up with an affordable and trendy trench coat. With fall weather in full swing, you are sure to find a trench coat in many styles. My personal favorites are ones in neutral colors, as they can accent any outfit perfectly.


Trench coats are essential for rainy days!

The Rain Boot

There is nothing worse than walking on campus with soaking wet shoes… and even worse, soaking wet socks. Avoid this problem with fashionable and versatile rain boots, one of the rainy day essentials EVERY girl needs. I personally love Hunter Boots, but there are always cheaper alternatives available!

Rainy days call for rain boots!


The Umbrella

Want to avoid the wet dog look? Protect your hair and makeup with a nice big umbrella. I mean, who says a cute umbrella can’t be the perfect outfit accessory? As a main component in your rainy day essentials list, find an umbrella that suits your personality – why not have your umbrella stand out in a sea of typical black umbrellas!

Rainy days call for a cute umbrella!

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The Hat

Don’t feel like holding an umbrella, or just want some added protection for your locks? Add a cute fedora to avoid wet and frizzy hair! It is sure to spruce up any outfit and can also accentuate the trendy trench coat mentioned earlier! Here’s a tip: For an extra punch of brightness to your cloudy day, opt for a hat with a bit of color!

Save your hair with a cute hat!

The Leather Bag

Think of a leather bag as a trench coat for your things. The leather material will keep all of your important items (your books, wallet, papers, etc) nice and dry, while keeping you nice and stylish!


Finish your outfit off with a leather bag.
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