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5 Poetic Prompts that Would Spice Up Your Love Letters

5 Poetic Prompts that Would Spice Up Your Love Letters

Having distinguished Poetic Prompts in hand will guide you in successfully writing to a loved one. Whether it’s for an anniversary or a first date. Below I listed 5 Poetic Prompts that will impress your significant other for a special occasion!

1. Talk About Fulfilling Interests 

I am sure you and your loved one have conversed about interests either of you has. In fact, everyone has an interest since it is something that makes them get out of bed and pursue it. A common phenomenon in human nature. Interests can come in different forms; physical or metaphorical. They can also be things that a person enjoys doing, such as a hobby or a favorite dish they like to cook. Either way, this makes a person content and satisfied once it is caught like a prize. 

Writing about your loved one’s interests and helping them pursue them will definitely get their attention. After all, giving plays a big part in contributing to a relationship! 


Here’s an example of an offering to fulfill an interest! You remembered that your partner has mentioned a hip new vegan restaurant that recently opened in your local area. They have expressed how they are dying to give this new establishment a try. Now you have the opportunity to say: “remember that time you divulged about that new Veg Diner? Why don’t I take you there so we can experience this together?”

2. Tie in Special Moments From your Lives

Every single human being has had a special moment. It’s like a memorable scene from a movie. A moment that you can make a reference to once in a while. Memories are ingrained in us and influence how we function in the present. Like interests, memories take in different forms since there are so many ways to enjoy life. Many people can be thinking about the time they visited new destinations, got accepted to their dream college, became an older sibling, and the list goes on. The point is, there are plenty of real-life movies to reference!

When using this poetic prompt, you can express how that special moment of theirs has reminded you of one that belongs to you. For example, you remembered how they mentioned hiking the Alps of Switzerland. Now you remember hiking the rocky mountains of Colorado. You can first reference their memory and then tell them how it relates to a similar memory of yours, thus establishing a connection.


You can say: “remember that time you told me you saw the Matterhorn for the first time? It is incredible how you chased your dreams and then set out to explore a worldly monument. This reminds me of the time I encountered grizzly bears in Colorado. I love how we both explore and dare to make exciting treks. We should achieve hiking the Himalayas next time!”

(See what I did there? I even managed to throw in the first prompt at the end!)

3. Launch a Joke!

This might sound a little silly for a poetic prompt, but it is always nice to throw in some laughs for letters like these. Although love letters sound like a serious business, you do not have to be serious all the time. After all, the point of writing to a significant other is to make them smile. Right? So landing a few jokes would make them grin ever harder!


If you want to continue establishing a connection, you can refer to a humorous memory. Either you had together, or they had as an individual. This will also tie back to the reference prompt mentioned, so you can kill two birds with one stone using this method. You can think about the time when you two went paid a visit to the zoo. And once you went to the lion section of the attraction, there were no lions to be found. You asked a staff member and asked, “where are the lions.” And they responded, “they are sleeping behind the large boulders where you cannot see them.” And then you proceed to say, “well tell them we are here.”

The way you can write this is: “remember our first date when we were promised we were gonna see lions? Well, they were definitely lion.” 

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4. Get Nasty 

Let’s face it! Things get steamy hot in many relationships. It is part of human nature, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. I am aware that not everybody likes to stimulate pleasure in written formats. But if you are looking forward to getting physical (love letter style) with your significant other, then this spiced-up poetic prompt is for you! 

You can start by complimenting their looks. Tell them how pretty they were the night you first met or another time. You can first start with the overall look and then narrow down your objectification to make things more exciting. And then you will propose how you will interact with that specific thing that is turning you on.

Here is a sample I wrote: “You looked amazing that night we went to the Veg Dinner together. What especially got me even more excited were those sweet plump lips of yours. I can’t wait to acquaint myself with those pillowy lips again and then kiss you down your neck.”


5. Express Significance

This might sound like a cliche, but simply just tell them how much they have influenced your life. And there are so many ways of doing that. 

One way to do it is to allude to how life was so different before you met them. One way to do this is to tell them how you had different perspectives in life. And once you met them, definitions and understanding about parts of your life have changed forever! You can even say how you had one narrow viewpoint on how the concept of love functions and once you become part of a real relationship, you can say how amazing it feels. 

Are you willing to give any of these poetic prompts a try? Let us know in the comments!

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