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5 Podcasts To Please Your Inner Nerd

5 Podcasts To Please Your Inner Nerd

Die-hard nerds, geeks, and dorks (like me) love their podcasts, and why shouldn’t they? Podcasts are perfect for multitasking or relaxing: you can sit in your favorite chair and tear through a season of your favorite, or you can utilize podcasts to entertain you while you’re running a load of laundry or cooking dinner. Interested in finding a new podcast (or giving them a try)? Here are 5 podcasts to please your inner nerd!

1. Serial

WARNING: This podcast is incredibly addictive. Season 1 follows the story of Adnan Sayed, a high school student convicted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. The podcast goes though the evidence and the court proceedings, showing there may be more to this case than authorities first thought.

2. This American Life

TAL is ideal for the multi-tasker who can’t sit down. Each podcast features a different topic and person of focus, chronicling the testimonies of everyday people, ranging from teenagers to librarians, from cops to ex-convicts, from business executives to artists. Because this podcast is entertaining and not information-heavy, you can listen to it while doing chores or preparing dinner.



3. TED Radio Hour

Are you the kind of person who likes to have random knowledge on a variety of topics? TED is the podcast for you, then. TED Radio Hour explores the world of technology, entertainment, and design. Podcasts go into depth on pop culture trends, the art industry, advancements in biological science, and so much more.

4. Stuff You Missed in History Class

Powered by, SYMIHC includes the weird tidbits of history you may have not been taught in high school. Whether it’s stories about a president getting stuck in the White House bathtub(look it up) or tales of a Russian Empress Catherine the Great’s promiscuity, this podcast is packed with the oddities of the powerful and iconic.

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5. Hidden Brain

Calling all psychology, anthropology, and sociology majors: here’s the podcast for you! Hidden Brain discusses current research and new discoveries in social sciences. Podcast include segments that follow the common theme of the podcast. This podcast begs for your attention, so don’t try to listen to it while studying or working on a project.

Have other suggestions for podcasts? Have feedback to give on a certain podcast listed above? Comment below or share with a friend!
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