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5 Places You Wont Want To Miss In San Francisco

If you ever decide to take trip to San Francisco, these are the cities 5 best hot spots to check out when in San Francisco!

1. The Beautiful Golden Gate Bridge

One of San Franciscos’s signature attractions is the Golden Gate Bridge, that attracts many visitors from all over the world for many occasions. Being completed in 1937, it served as the longest main suspension bridge in the world for nearly 27 years. People from all over the world travel to San Francisco, locals or internationals, to catch a glimpse of the beauty during sunset and even use this location for photoshoots and can enjoy a picnic with a view. During the day is a safe and fun time to make your way down to the sand were you could put your feet in the sand and relax or coming down for sunset to catch a beautiful glimpse of all the pretty colors that take over the entire city. You could never go wrong with taking a visit to this bridge as it is an instagram worthy place to take pictures with friends or family, it will sure be a memory for  everyone.

2. The Worlds’ Most Crooked Street Is Located In San Francisco

The name Lombard has no affilation with anything in the city but does contribute a whole alot of attention to San Francisco. Making this the worlds’ most crooked street in the world certainly brings in a lot of people as well as the Golden Gate Bridge making it a very public and free toursit attraction for people from all over to come visit. Since 1922, this famous street till this day holds the title that no other country in the world have been able to beat. Citizens of the city live on the sides of the street like average neighbors but dont be fooled, it could get pretty winedy coming up or going down. If you enjoy walking or driving it is completely free of charge so make sure to plan accordlingly to avoid any long lines or traffic! But not far from here is the Gharidelli Cholocate factory making this little adventure much fun with a hot fugdge sunday or a hot chocolate during the the winter holidays!

3. Mission Dolores Park

A park that serves a view! Mission Dolores park located on a hill in San Francisco gives you a view of thwe entire city whether on a bright and sunny Saturday or even on fun night out on a Friday, you are guarenteed a breath taking scenery of the city lights. Not only does the park offer an astonshing view, but it gives you a chance to feel like a local where you are able to take a quick and short walk to the Castro where the party is full of color and life. Being 5 minutes away from the Castro gives you the ultimate experience to be able relax with friends and family at a beautiful park after an exciting time down the street. Make sure you compared to have a great time with a blanket or towel to extend on the grass as it could be a wet and moist! Many locals love to stop by after getting a delicious pastry or hot coffee from a very well known cookie parlor called Hot Cookie located in the castro but if you are craving a cold creamy treat Bi-Rite creamery is home to many unique delicious ice cream flavors that make it very popular in the area.

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4. The Piers By The Water

With over 20 piers that run along the ocean in San Francsico, certainly Pier 39 does an amazing job holding why tourists love it so much. The minute you  enter  Pier 39, the smell of food and excitment of life that runs deep into the city is now right infront of you and you are about to take part in all the action. Resturants with all types of price tags are lined up from one money sign to five you will most likely be talking about how wonderful you enjoyed ypur time here and how you have no regrets on how much you spent on your fresh seafood dinner. Not only will you have a chance to dine at some of the best and freshest seafood restuants that are only located along the pier, there are many little shops full of delicious hand made candies and knick knack stores that you will not be able to resist. Not  only are there shops and resturants to indulge in but you will also have the chance to catch the fary and go for a ride  around the entire San Francisco coast.

5. The Holy Grail Of Shopping in San Francisco

From Chanel to Old Navy,Union Sqaure has it all! Whether you are balling on a budget or have the funds for a limited edition Hermes purse which the beautiful boutique looks like a mini bank, Union square is the place for you. Located right above  the underground Bart system that connects you throughout the entire Bay Area, the minute you make your way up the escaltors you are greeted with a gust of a fresh ocean breeze and hit with the neon lights from the entire shopping palaza filled with many people from all over who have come together to enjoy what the city has to offer. From the Westfield Mall that houses 7 stories of boutiques and luxiours stores’ will only keep you about 5 minutes away walking distace from enjoying what Union Square has to offer making it a fun and busy hot spot for the locals and visiters. But  during  the  holidays a large  large ice skating ring is placed right in the center with a large christmas tree making this the perfect date night spot during the holiday season.

Comment and make sure to let us know what you think of San Francisco and don’t for get to bring a jacket as it will get chilly at night!

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