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5 Places You Must Add To Your Travel Bucket List

5 Places You Must Add To Your Travel Bucket List

5 Places You Must Add to Your Travel Bucket List


The world is a vast and beautiful place. With so many hidden gems scattered all across the world, it can be a little overwhelming to sit down and try to map out exactly what places you should commit to. Whether you’re a beach person or enjoy the city life, there are so many beautiful places on this Earth that offer so much. So, get your travel book out and let’s look at a few places you should add to your travel bucket list.


  1. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a perfect place to get accustomed to the Japanese lifestyle. With a perfect blend between city and nature life, Kyoto offers a ton of cultural activates and sites that will get you the full Japanese experience. The beautiful Bamboo Forest is one stop that will show you the nature of Kyoto. With trees reaching heights as tall as 30 meters, this forest is one spot where you will be fully engulfed in nature. It also makes for some beautiful pictures. The Gion District is another popular stop in Kyoto. Filled with restaurants and shops, this is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine and eat like the locals do. Some restaurants even offer cooking tours which will allow you and your party to cook with the chefs and make your feast for the night. Sannenzaka is a beautiful tourist spot in Kyoto filled with authentic Japanese architecture for you to admire. Take a troll down the streets of Sannenzaka and surround yourself with the beautifully crafted wooden homes and bright red temples. Get yourself fitted with a traditional Japanese robe and get ready for your pictures. Day or night, this area is beautiful for showing off your travels.


  1. Capri, Italy

This spot is a must for any beach lover’s bucket list. Even if you aren’t too fond of the beach, this beautiful island will change your mind. With waters so clear that you can read a book under the water, this island will wash away any stress or negativity you have in your life. Take a relaxing dive in the ocean and enjoy the scenery as you’re swimming next to mountains. It’s an explosion of colors on the island and the energy from the residents matches the setting. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in any of the restaurants or cafes on the island. With seating that places you in view of the ocean, you’re set to enjoy any meal you have. And for the really hot days, cool off with some delicious Lemonchello. This is a place that you go to to escape from reality for a little bit. Putting this place on your bucket list is a safe bet as everyone will have some piece to themselves on this beautiful little island. You can only imagine how beautiful those pictures will come out looking.



  1. Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada

What is there to say about Lake Louise besides beautiful? Any side on the lake you’re on and no matter how far down, you will be stunned by the view. Beautiful mountains caving in on a crystal blue lake, you’ll feel so small as you stand in the middle of such a grand location. A beautiful place to put on your bucket list that is fit for any time of the year. In the winter, the area is covered in a white layer that clashes with the vibrant blue in such a unique way. In the summer, enjoy a refreshing kayaking adventure down the lake. There aren’t any pictures of this place that do it justice. It’s meant for the eyes to see in person. There are so many lodges and inns located around the lake, that getting there isn’t a hassle at all. Many weddings are also held here. The ceremonies are beautiful and it’s such a fresh and unique environment that is perfect for celebration and relaxing.


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  1. Sedona, Arizona

One of my personal favorite spots from my home country. This is a must for any traveling bucket list. The views are breathtaking. With so many different trails on various different mountains, you’ll never run out of different views. The mountains themselves are a beautiful rusted red and orange which adds so much flavor across the state. If you don’t have the time to go through multiple mountains, set up a hot air balloon ride. Taking off first thing in the morning, jumping in one of these balloons and taking to the sky to see the sun rise is a beautiful experience. You will see the sun come up across the mountains and you will see life breathe into your view. The small little towns neighboring Sedona are also very unique in their own way. Each taking a different theme with their restaurants and vibe, it’ll be hard to get sick of one thing while you are there. This is also home the one and only blue McDonalds for those who love their fast food no matter where they are in the world. The famous Grand Canyon is also not that far away. As one of The United States most popular spots, taking a trip over there is definitely a must.


  1. Santorini, Greece

A more romantic and aesthetically pleasing stop to add to your bucket list. This island is another getaway spot that will take you right out of your reality. Enjoy walking around the island and engage in various different wine tastings. With wineries found all over the island, you’ll get to explore while relaxing with a nice glass of wine. Taking stops in the various towns will expose you to the culture of Greece. With many churches and spots to view the ocean and neighboring islands, having beautiful pictures isn’t a question at all. Take a relaxing boat tour around the island and stay long enough to watch the beautiful sunset. The island is known for having some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Sitting back and watching the sun set will be worth the trip entirely.