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5 Places To Relax Around Kent

With the hustle and bustle of class, work, internships, and a social life in college, it’s sometimes hard to get a second to slow down and just be alone. These are five of my favorite places around Kent State and Downtown Kent that I have found from simply wandering around my first three years here. When I want to get away to read, study, or just relax, these are my go-to, perfect spots. I’m not going to tell you exactly where these *hideaways* are, because the fun part is going out and finding them! Exploring is always half of your adventurous experience!


1. The Book Case Path and Brain Garden

If you want to relax and stay on campus, this spot is prime. Near Front Campus, you’ll probably walk by it for a class or two, but actually sitting down and enjoying it will make this spot feel very quaint and unique.

2. Franklin Mills Riveredge Park

This park is pretty popular in downtown Kent, but once you get there, you’ll find so many trails to explore. Taking one of the more quiet trails is an easy way to escape and be alone.

3. May 4th Memorial

As a Kent State student, it is important to know, understand, and appreciate Kent’s past. This memorial is on campus, so you have no excuse not to check it out!

4. NEW Memorial Garden from Undergraduate Student Government

This garden is located by the Student Center, meaning you will definitely walk by it if you live in the dorms. Go sit there, watch the students around you, study, or read; it’s one of the most relaxing spots on campus.

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5. Front Campus

Walking through Front Campus automatically gives you a relaxed vibe. Even though it’s right by a busy road, this part of campus is generally pretty quiet. The gazebo makes for a very cool, unique place to get away.


What are your favorite places around Kent State to relax or explore? Comment below and share this article with fellow Kent State students!
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Breanna Ganuelas

Breanna Ganuelas is a junior Communication Studies major with two minors in Public Relations and Public Communication. When she isn't doing classwork she is hanging out with her Delta Gamma sisters and staying active in various on- and off-campus activities. Outside of Kent State, Bre loves traveling, reading, laughing, adventuring, working out, volunteering, and just goofing off.

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