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The 5 People You Will See At A Cro Dance

The 5 People You Will See At A Cro Dance

If you have ever been to a Cro dance at Conn, you will definitely be able to understand this article!

1. That kid from English class.

There’s always that kid from your class who you’ve never spoken to soberly but is sooooo excited to see you! …and drunk enough to express this excitement. You both go: “aren’t you in my English class?!” *jumping up and down * (If this jumping up and down with excitement does not occur, you probably don’t recognize them.) Pretend to know who they are to save both of you from the awkwardness. But be warned–you may or may not remember him by the time you’re sitting in class on Monday.


2. The nicest campus safety officer.

He/she is a sweetheart and a great person to talk to while waiting for your drunk friends to come out of the bathroom. It certainly helps to be on the good side of the police.


3. Those girls who got superrrr into the dance theme.

You’ll find these girls when you’re at a safari themed party and see them dressed as actual cheetahs, or if the party is neon themed and they are wearing neon green bodysuits. ….(Meanwhile the only piece of neon on you is your hair tie.)

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4. That guy who has got all the dance moves.

He’s dropping it like it’s hot, and a circle is forming around him. He’s about to be on everyone’s Snapchat stories… maybe even the NESCAC story. He’s obviously the star of every Eclipse.

5. Your One Night Stand…

Outside of college, most people have a one night stand and then never have to see that person again. Well, I hate to break it to you, but Conn is not real life. Almost everyone shows up to the Cro dance at one point or another during the night, including your one night stand from two weekends ago. I suggest playing it casual and saying hi – you never know when he might end up in one of your classes, or even worse, living down the hall from you.

Did you enjoy reading our article about the 5 different types of people you will see at a cro dance? Do you have any other types of people you know you are bound to see? Comment below or share with friend!
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