5 Online Anime Clothing Shops to Buy From

  1. Redbubble

  • Redbubble is one of those anime clothing shops that offers so much more beyond just your typical shirt. Redbubble is a website where many artists can put their designs onto clothing items. It’s also a website where a lot of vendors place iconic manga panels or anime scenes onto clothing. There are so many artists and characters to choose from that it will almost be impossible to not find a design for you. A lot of the vendors on Redbubble offer the same designs on shirts, hoodies, sweaters, hats and even shoes. Redbubble also has very reliable shipping and keeps you updated with every single update on the shipping of your order. They also have an amazing customer service line that’s fast and easy to use. The artists that use the website are also very interactive and will even take design suggestions if they don’t have exactly what you are looking for. All in all, Redbubble is one of the anime clothing shops that is perfect for any fans that want to sport some cool anime and manga outfits. The material of the clothes is also very authentic, and the designs don’t fade or wash away.



  1. Atsuko

  • This is one of the anime clothing shops that definitely updates its style as the trends continue to move on. Atsuko is the perfect place for you to get your anime outfits together while also keeping up with the current style. Loaded with customized bucket hats, blazers, fanny packs and belts, Atsuko brings the best of fashion with the best of anime. Rocking clothing from hit series such as Dragon Ball Z, Hunter X Hunter, Berserk, Demon Slayer and more, there are plenty of titles for any fan to choose from. Whether you like bright outfits that stand out or more solid-colored outfits that blend in, Atsuko has just about every color you could think of for you. They are also very active on social media and will answer any questions you have. They also inform you on when certain items will come back into stock. Atsuko is a great anime clothing shop that mixes a little bit of modern fashion with geek culture. They have outfits that are meant to stand out, but also outfits that won’t call too much attention. It’s a great blend of styles that any anime fan can appreciate when wearing one of these outfits.




  1. Enso Crew

  • Another great shop that has very discrete anime clothing options. Enso Crew is aonther one of the anime clothing shops that have some of the most popular anime to date on some of the most comfortable clothing. Anime such as My Hero Academia, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen and Cowboy Bebop can be found on their online store. Their sweaters are my personal favorite as they are super comfortable and great to style in the winter, but they have plenty of summer options as well. They have very breathable shirts that have some unique and cool designs perfect for the discrete anime fan. Their clothing isn’t that flashy and is made to blend in with everyday casual outfits. For a lot of people, this is a perfect option. Their clothing also comes in a lot of unique colors besides the typical white and black. Depending on the design you pick, the colors may vary to help that design pop out a little better. If you are a fan of anime and want to start sporting some anime outfits but don’t want to be so in your face about it, then Enso Crew might be the perfect place for you to get your feet in the water.

Enso Crew


See Also

  1. Steady Hands

  • Steady Hands is a website that has so many different anime options for you to choose from. This website, however, has one type of clothing to choose from that separates it from all the other anime shops and that is cardigans. This company specializes in making anime themed cardigans and the payoff is huge. Not only are their cardigans extremely comfortable, but they look even better than they do on the website. I bought myself a Giyu cardigan form their Demon Slayer collection and I haven’t taken it off since. The material is super soft and it’s super easy to put on when you are just lounging around the house. A lot of their cardigans are inspired after the actual outfits worn by the specific characters in the anime which makes it very cool for any fans of certain characters. The cardigans are also very easy to wash as you can stick them in the washer and hang dry it before it’s good to be worn again. The cardigans are also great to wear as part of an outfit in the wintertime where you can base an outfit around the character that the cardigan is based off of.

Steady Hands


  1. Iced Tea

  • Iced Tea offers an anime collection that has outfits inspired by Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Studio Ghibli. The website also has other Japanese inspired clothing that isn’t related to any specific anime, but still follows the aesthetic and look of anime clothing. They have some very comfortable sweaters and hoodies which offer a lot of style with simplistic designs. The Attack on Titan series is perhaps their most popular collection as it was riding off the wave of the final season of the series. The collection is made of shirts and sweaters displaying some of the iconic characters in some unique and stylish ways. The designs are also very good quality and do not fade away in the wash. Iced Tea offers great choices for anime fans to pick from for any season, but I would recommend checking out their outfits made for the winter more than anything. Their Neon Genesis and Studio Ghibli sweaters are also very cool and have a lot of character packed into the designs. And as said earlier, they have plenty of other designs to choose from that are based off the Japanese culture. All of their other collections keep the simplistic aesthetic, and they all look great which makes it one of the best anime clothing shops. 

Iced Tea