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5 Netflix Shows To Binge Watch Now

5 Netflix Shows To Binge Watch Now

Ah yes, the semester is almost over, the sun is shining, and my Netflix shows are waiting for me to binge watch. Here are 5 Netflix shows that are a must see!

1. House of Cards

So when was the last time you’ve had a deep hunger for power? Because that’s exactly what the main character feels on this show. This show focuses on a congressman named Frank Underwood who is seeking power through the legislative branch. It’s a lot of politics on the outside, but so much sadistic bantering and manipulation on the inside. Isn’t that something to watch? Each episode focuses around a deviant plan set out by him that leads into these ripples of drama and precise consequences. It’s a much watch, and come Election Day, I hope you’re ready.


2. Mad Men

Set in the 1960s, the term ‘Mad Men’ was coined by the men who worked in s on Madison Avenue. The show follows a man known as Donald Draper who is the Creative Director for a prestigious ad firm. One hour per episode, and you get a whole cast of characters who you will immediately know if you hate them or not, combined with amazing character development. No deaths, no gore, just drama to its core. Between the characters and a complex plot, it makes you want to keep watching to know what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. You even get to understand how the world was back in the 60s, which really puts things into perspective.

3. How I Met Your Mother

Why should you watch How I Met Your Mother? Because it’s awesome!  (Self-five) If you haven’t watched this show yet, now is your chance. You will fall in love with every single character and get so invested in the show. You’ll suddenly compare all your friends to the characters on the show, see yourself in them, and randomly laugh to yourself from all of the hilarious jokes, as well as admire all of the life lessons the show teaches you. With the exception of the continuous search for the mother of Ted’s wife, what you really fall in love with are all of the events that lead up to the moment he meets her.  So get ready to go through one heck of an emotional rollercoaster if you’re planning on watching.


4. Breaking Bad

Do you enjoy watching a drama where you don’t know if the main character is the good guy or not? Because that is exactly where Breaking Bad takes you. A high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer needs a way to pay for his treatment, but fears that he may die in the process, so he also needs money to leave behind for his family. What really gets you glued to your seat over the summer is the brilliant screen writing. Combine that with an amazing cast, and you’re in for plot twist after plot twist after plot twist.

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5. Fuller House

Who doesn’t love the idea of watching all of the lovable Tanners back in action? I know I do!  Full House was my favorite show growing up and now Fuller House takes the cake!  The very first episode pulls you in with all of the Tanners reuniting with your favorite family hugs, valuable lessons and funny catch phrases. Plus, who wants to miss that beautiful hair of Uncle Jesse’s?

What other Netflix shows do we need to binge watch? Comment below and share this article!
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