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5 Motivation Tips To Get You Ready For Fall Semester

5 Motivation Tips To Get You Ready For Fall Semester

As the semester gets underway and midterms approach you may realize that you’re under loads of work and planning out your time in a schedule just seems even more stressful.  With these five motivation tips, you can easily challenge those stressful moments and get back to the grind without losing your mind.

1. Start Eating a Healthy and Balanced Diet

When you eat good, you feel good! It’s as simple as that, but it can make a big change when it comes to dealing with a stressful semester. When you start choosing healthier options like adding more veggies to meals and whole grains instead of white, then you’ll be on your way to feeling good and able to take on heavy class material and daily challenges.

Take down sugar cravings with fruit, choose a salad over a sandwich, but most of all listen to your body and when you need a little ice cream or a heated sandwich, go for it! Moderation is key and it will probably show in healthier skin and mental health overall.

5 Motivation Tips To Get You Ready For Fall Semester

2. Add in some Meditation

 When things get rough, one thing you can always do is remind yourself that everything will work itself out. I like to take three deep and slow breaths throughout my day to interrupt my negative thinking and stress. It can be a bit of an energizer and bring you back to what truly matters, grounding you in positive thinking and the confidence to move forward.

5 Motivation Tips To Get You Ready For Fall Semester

3. Get The Right Planner

In order to prepare yourself for the fall semester and year ahead, you’ll need a planner that will keep you up to date with all your work and meetings. Getting a planner that will match what you look for in the perfect organization station is what will give you all the motivation to make this fall semester your best. Whether that means getting a cute patterned planner or a big compared to a small one, it should be a place you can write everything you need to schedule and remember. That way you won’t need to stress about that important meeting or big paper in a couple weeks. You’ll be able to look ahead instead of procrastinating.

5 Motivation Tips To Get You Ready For Fall Semester

4. Focus on Positive Thinking and Affirmations

Just like the simple meditation of three deep and slow breaths, adding in some positive thinking and affirmations can really make a big change in your day to day life. Instead of complaining about all the work you have, say, “okay I have to do this, this and this, when will I do it?”

When you wake up in the morning say to yourself, “today will be a great day” and so it will. When you look at something in a more positive light you will give yourself a relief of stress and the motivation to take on any challenge and break down any wall. Know that you are worth that positivity today and every day!

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5 Motivation Tips To Get You Ready For Fall Semester

5. Self-Care Every Day, but especially Sunday!

Care for yourself by choosing a more balanced diet and lifestyle. Know what your body needs and when it needs it and be sure to listen closely. If you need to take a mental day off, then take that mental day off it can help to re-energize you for the next day ahead.

Every Sunday, set aside some time to relax and watch some Netflix, eat your favorite food, cook a healthy meal or do a facemask and spa night. It will bring in all the good vibes for the week ahead while relaxing you for what is to come! It is a necessary part of my weekends and it will without a doubt make a massive change in how the beginning of your week flows. Peace out to the stress, hello relaxation.

5 Motivation Tips To Get You Ready For Fall Semester

These motivation tips will bring you good vibes while relieving you of the stress fall semester is sure to bring as it digs deeper. If you have motivational tips that you live by then let us know!

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