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5 Makeup Products to Create The Perfect No Makeup Makeup Look

Let’s be real, putting on a full face of makeup every day is a difficult task. It can be extremely time-consuming, especially in the mornings when you wake up late and need to run out the door. The no makeup, makeup look is perfect for days where you want to embrace your natural beauty in a quick and easy way. Plus, it is super on-trend right now! Here are 5 makeup products that will help you achieve the no makeup, makeup look.

1. Tinted Moisturizer

Having a flawless base is the first step when going for this look. A tinted moisturizer is exactly what it sounds like, this is one of the few makeup products that both hydrates the skin and covers up any imperfections. It will even out your skin tone and help cover blemishes. Also, it is a lot less heavy than foundation, and definitely more natural-looking.

An added bonus to tinted moisturizers is that most of them contain SPF, which is vital to apply every day to protect your skin against UV rays. Not to mention, this makeup product is extremely easy to apply to the skin. You can use a makeup brush, a beauty sponge, or even your fingers. You can find tinted moisturizers at most drugstores or higher-end makeup stores.

One of my personal favorites is the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid and Mineral SPF 30. This can be purchased from Sephora for $33. A little goes a long way with this makeup product, so it is worth the money! 

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2. Cream Blush

This next item is one of my all-time favorite makeup products! Cream blush will bring a natural flush to the cheeks. It will also help bring some color to your face. It gives that amazing sun-kissed look! I prefer to use cream blush over powder blushes because I tend to accidentally go overboard with the powders. With cream blushes, it is much harder to make mistakes because you can easily blend them away.

I like to apply my cream blush on the apples of my cheeks, and then I blend the product upwards. I also like to put a little bit on the tip of my nose! The easiest way to apply this makeup product is with a beauty sponge, but you can also use your fingers. A cream blush I highly recommend is the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush. There are SO many shades to choose from, every skin tone is taken care of! I use the shade Petal Poppin, a soft baby pink, and it is perfect for my fair skin.

Also, cream blushes are very versatile makeup products! I like to use some of mine as lipsticks because they last a long time and give a slight color to the lips.

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3. Tinted Brow Gel

Doing my eyebrows always makes me feel more put together, even if I am not wearing any other makeup products. A tinted brow gel is a perfect product to fix those brows with minimal effort. 

It will give your brows that fuller look, which is so trendy right now! Tinted brow gel will also lock your eyebrows into place for the whole day, so they will not be going anywhere. Out of all of the makeup products discussed today, this one is definitely the quickest to apply. Simply brush through your brows with the gel and make sure they are shaped the way you want. That is all! 

One of Glossier’s makeup products, The Boy Brow, is one of the best I have used. It comes in five different shades and retails for $16. It fills in the sparse areas of my brows, while still keeping them very natural looking.

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4. Highlighter

Getting that “glowing from within” look will help you achieve the no makeup, makeup look. You can either use a cream, liquid, or powder highlight for this, they all will create the desired look! Apply some highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge and tip of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow. Having glowy and dewy skin will give off the appearance of a fresh and natural face.

Highlighter can also be applied to the eyes, as eyeshadow! You can dab a little bit on the center of your eyelid, or put a small amount on your inner corners to brighten up your eyes.

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Highlighter is one of my favorite makeup products to apply. I have been wearing Becca Cosmetics’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlight in the shade Champagne Pop for years. In fact, I have had the same product for over a year, it has lasted me so long and I wear it almost every day! I like to use a fan brush to apply this product.

Buy it here:

5. Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler will curl your lashes upwards, giving off the appearance of longer and fuller eyelashes. The act of curling your lashes can also draw more attention to your eyes.

If you have never used an eyelash curler before, it can look a little intimidating. But do not worry, they are really easy to use! With your eyes open, you use the eyelash curler to gently clamp your lashes. You will hold for a few seconds and then release. Repeat until your lashes are curled to your liking, and then do the same process on the other eye. You can finish with a few coats of mascara if you choose. 

 I cannot wear mascara anymore without curling my lashes first. It makes my eyes look so much bigger. Even on days where I do not choose to wear mascara, I like to curl my lashes anyways. The eyelash curler I use is from Sephora!

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I am so excited that the no makeup, makeup look trend is back! What are some makeup products you could not live without while creating this look? Let us know in the comments!

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