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5 Makeup Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

5 Makeup Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making


1. You’re playing up too many features.

You tried to mix too many bold and dramatic styles, and in doing so, it looks as if your face has been painted on. If you want your makeup to look elegant but effortless, you should have one central aspect that you want to draw attention to. For example, if you love your green eyes, you could use your eyeshadow to create a smoky eye. This should then be paired with a lighter lip color and gentle bronzing.

2. Your lip color is too bright.

Your lip color is way too bright, and you look washed out. To counterbalance this, either add some blush to your cheeks to add more color to your skin tone, or tone down the lipstick. Generally I would recommend more natural hues for paler girls, or red. A good red lipstick looks great on anyone!

3. You’re way too matchy-matchy.

You’re trying way too hard to match everything on your face. I’m all for natural, flattering makeup, but if you are using only the same one or two colors for everything on your face, your makeup is either going to look bland, or way too daring. Also, you don’t need to match your makeup to your outfit – neutral colors pair with everything.


4. You’re wearing too much eyeliner.

If you’re applying an enormous amount of eyeliner, you might want to tone it down a bit. Too much liner can weigh down your lids, making your eyes look small and droopy. You also don’t want to be heavy-handed with eyeliner because most times, it’s a struggle to wipe off. Apply your eyeliner in stages. First, apply a thin line to your upper lashes. If you want a trendier look, gradually add more eyeliner on the “wing.” Having problems steadying your hand? Place your elbow on a desk or table for more control.

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5. Your foundation is the wrong color.

Your foundation is drastically darker than your natural skin tone and as a result, your head doesn’t look like it belongs to your body. When shopping for foundation, don’t just randomly pick a shade. If you have the opportunity, consult a nearby beauty expert. They should be able to find you the perfect shade. Or, if there are test samples nearby, take a dab of five shades that look close your skin tone, and hold them up to your face. A glance into a mirror should make this comparison a simple decision.

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