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5 Luscious, Romantic, Cocktails to Make For You And Your Honey This Valentine’s Day

5 Luscious, Romantic, Cocktails to Make For You And Your Honey This Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day usually brings lots of chocolate and wine, sometimes it’s necessary to treat your boo to something extra special. Here’s our list of favorite romantic cocktails, with flavors ranging from lusciously sweet to citrusy tart. No matter what you and your honey love, you’ll be sure to find the perfect cocktail here. You can even add a little pink edible glitter to make your drinks really shine! Try one of these romantic cocktails and remind your boo how extra special they are this Valentine’s Day. 

1. Lychee Martini

This is my most favorite cocktail and such a treat to experience if you haven’t already. This unique cocktail is lush and juicy, featuring the tropical lychee fruit. It’s so simple to make, yet exquisite in taste. It has delicate floral notes, is sweet without being too sweet, and has a clean finish that makes it all too easy to drink. This is a classic “less is more” cocktail. Give your boo something really special with this light, tropical treat!


2. Rose Infused Lemon Drop Martini

This delicate cocktail is a twist on the classic lemon drop martini. It’s light, sweet, floral, and just tart enough. It also includes the most classic Valentine’s flavor: rose! Made with this amazing homemade rose simple syrup, it’s fresh and deliciously satisfying. The rose syrup is really the only thing to make, otherwise this cocktail is so simple to shake up and serve!

The recipe itself calls for vodka, but I actually love this cocktail with gin. Gin already has such delicate, floral notes that it pairs with the rose and lemon just perfectly. I also love serving this martini with a thin sugar rim and a little champagne floater! Both make it so cute and classy, topped with a couple rose petals and you’ll woo your boo in seconds! 


3. Chocolate-Strawberry Martini

This darling cocktail takes chocolate covered strawberries to the next level. Of all the romantic cocktails, this one screams Valentine’s Day. Up your game this year with this lusciously seductive cocktail. Complete with a decadent mix of wild strawberry vodka, vanilla ice cream, and creme de cacao and served in striking chocolate-dipped glasses, your honey will be impressed before they even take their first sip. It’s the perfect rich, creamy, romantic cocktail to start (and end) your night on. 

Warning with this one: It goes down way too easy and is pretty much like drinking fancy, adult milkshakes. Go slow with this one!


4. Pomegranate Champagne Margarita 

This sprightly cocktail is sure to shake up your evening (we’re punny over here). Bursting with bright, juicy pomegranate and that fresh tequila flavor that cuts right through, it’s the perfect romantic cocktail for couples who like a fresh bite to their drink.

The best part about this cocktail is how EASY it is to make. There’s nothing to boil or melt or dip, it’s literally just a shake and drink cocktail! The fresh pomegranate also adds a perfect, tart crunchiness at the end. Also, isn’t the color to die for?! These gorgeous, festive cocktails will be the perfect, fizzy companion to sip on all day long. 


4. Blood Orange Gin Sour

Blood orange is rarely a flavor associated with Valentine’s Day, but after one sip of these beauties you’ll find yourself shaking up a second batch. First of all, can we talk about how gorgeous these Blood Orange Gin Sours are? Blood orange juice gives a surprisingly vibrant, pink color that makes this cocktail perfect for Valentine’s day. 

However, this beautiful, pink cocktail is deceptively tart. This is perfect if your boo isn’t into “those sweet cocktails”. The little pillow of foam not only makes the perfect spot for that tiny blood orange garnish, it also coats your mouth with a velvety creaminess. Sours are the loveliest way to showcase bright, citrus notes, and complete with gin and sugar to round it out, you’ll find yourself drinking one before, during, and after dinner.

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5. Guava Mojito

If you and your honey live in a tropical climate (or if you don’t and want to pretend you do), this is the Valentine’s Day cocktail for you. This guava mojito is wildly refreshing, delightful to look at, and even more delicious to lap up. Complete with white rum, fresh mint, and a slice of lime, you’ll be happy to kick back despite the heat and humidity. 

This recipe is particularly special because it’s one of the easiest guava mojito recipes to make. There are so many complicated versions of this out there that require the strangest things from split guava seeds (what?) to sugar-lime flavored sparkling rum (I don’t even know what that is nor have I ever seen it on shelves). This one is clean, straight forward, and so incredibly delicious you’ll have to force yourself to slow down. 


7. Lovebug Cocktail

When you think “romantic cocktails”, this fun and flirty drink is the kind of thing that comes to mind! It’s dazzling, juicy, bright, and perfect for the lovebug in your life. It features vodka, white cranberry juice, and a light dash of simple syrup (the recipe calls for 2 oz but I think less is more)- making it the perfect combination of tart and sweet. This is a great cocktail to add some pink edible glitter to!


8. Elderflower Rosé 

And finally, the elderflower rosé. This elegant cocktail is lush with fresh grapefruit juice, elderflower liquer, and sparkling rosé. It’s bubbly, floral, on the sweeter side, and just a little bit bitter. So basically, it’s perfect. Topped with fresh thyme or mint for garnish, it’s as beautiful as it is refreshing. For a lighter cocktail that’s still romantically luscious, this is the one.  

Which of these romantic cocktails are you going to try first? We can’t wait to hear how you and your boo celebrate your Valentine’s Day! Let us know which one you love most!

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