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5 Lights To Make Your Dorm Sparkle

When you’re settling into dorm living, it can be frightening and rather daunting to make yourself feel at ease. You are surrounded by new people and new challenges that can be intimidating. That is why decorating your living space is so important to make you feel comfortable and your college experience better. Decorating and lighting are a must when establishing your home away from home. But with so many choices and color schemes, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. In addition, many of the lights you see in stores or online can be rather expensive for a college budget. Society19 is here for you. Here are 5 ideas to make your dorm sparkle when decorating your living space. 

1.Fairy Light Trees

Fairy lights are all the rage when it comes to adding a sophisticated lighting touch to your dorm room. They are a fast and easy way to add a sense of whimsical magic to any space without breaking your budget. Most fairy light trees are sold in any home goods story both online and in person. They typically range from $20 to $30, depending on the size you want. Unlike some of the more traditional fairy lights, fairy light trees come in a variety of colors. Such as purple, blue, yellow, white and rainbow. In addition, the trunks of fairy light trees come in a variety of colors, making it perfect to fit any color scheme. The most common colors for the trunks of fairy light trees include, black, dark brown, light brown, cream and white. Also, with fall right around the corner, you can even decorate your fairy light trees to fit the season! Adding spooky lights and homemade ghosts for this Halloween. If you want a little fairy magic in your dorm this year, fairy light trees are a must try. 

This tree is great for any fairy tail look.

2. Christmas Lights

While Christmas lights are beautiful during the holiday season, they can be a cheap alternative to brightening up your dorm room. Christmas lights come in a variety of colors and can be made to fit any space to add that extra sparkle. If your dorm doesn’t allow for nails in the walls, Christmas lights can be installed with any Command Strip hooks. Which leaves your walls intact and your dorm room gorgeous. Personally, I enjoy traditional white lights and installing them in my window to add that extra shine at night. In addition, they can be used as a bright light source replacement for a less sheek looking lamp. Christmas lights are sold in any home goods store and can be bought online year-round. I personally love going to Home Depot after the holiday season to get quality Christmas lights on fantastic clearance discounts. For that year round sparkle, Christmas lights are perfect for any dorm room. 

Christmas lights are a great alternative for any dorm room sparkle.

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you need some zen light in your life,Himalayan salt lamps are a must try. And while they can be slightly more expensive than other types of lights, the soft warm pink glow is unforgettable. These lights can range upward of $100, depending on their size. Yet there are cheaper options such as the Himalayan salt night lights that range between $20 and $30 on online stores. The reason for the potentially steep price is that the better the lamp, the more labor and love put into them. Some lamps are hand carved to add that personal touch to your dorm room. This lamp can fit anywhere in your home to add that soft soothing pink glow to any living space. Typically, Himalayan salt lamps come on a dark wood oak stand that makes the pink of the crystal pop in contrast. If you love pink but don’t want the jarring look of bright solid colors, this lamp is perfect to add a sense of subtle color and soothing zen to any living space.

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Himalayan salt lamps are a great source of soft natural lighting for any dorm room decor.

4. Flower Mason Jar Fairy Lights

These lights are great if you are feeling crafty or looking for homestyle country lights. The great thing about flower mason jar fairy lights is that you can buy them or make them at home! All you need is a mason jar, fake flowers of your choosing and fairy lights. You can arrange the fairy lights in the mason jar and add flowers to top of your country style lighting look. Also, they can come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to fit any dorm room space. Some come on decorated stands that can be hung from the wall that are perfect for adding a soft light to your dorm. These lights are typically battery powered, requiring AAA batteries that are not included with your purchase. Yet for beautiful homestyle lights it’s a small price. Even pre-made flower mason jar fairy lights are still perfect for a college budget. Most of these pretty little things range from $20 to $50 on online stores, such as Amazon. If you’re missing that sense of home in your dorm this year, try adding these lights to give you that rustic comfort of homestyle living. 

Mason jar fairy lights are great for any color scheme.

5. Beauty And The Beast Rose Lamp

If you need some light in your dorm but don’t want a traditional boring lamp, Beauty And The Beast rose lamp is a must. These lamps come in a variety of color schemes including traditional, multi-color window pane, galaxy theme, winter blue and soft sunset. True to the Disney franchise, Beauty And The Beast, these lamps are encased in a glass cover that spotlight their beautiful rose within. Some come with fairy lights while others have light up petals. These beauties tend to range from anywhere between $30 to $50. If there is no outlet space in your dorm, no problem. These lamps come in a variety of models depending upon the company. You can get one that plugs directly into your wall or that can be battery powered. And while your lamp might not save the Beast from his curse, it will add that sense of Disney magic to your dorm room. 

These lights are perfect to add that Disney magic to any dorm decor.

Choosing The Best Light For You

With so many lighting choices for your dorm decor, it can be overwhelming to find the one that is right for you. This article is just a starting point for you to find your new lighting look. When choosing your lighting for your dorm this year, remember the most important factor is you. From soft lamp lighting to color popping roses, start this year off with the lights that express you this dorm season.

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