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5 Life Lessons Taught Best By Friends In College

5 Life Lessons Taught Best By Friends In College

There are just some lessons in life that are taught best by friends in college. Keep reading for the top 5 life lessons taught by friends in college!

1. We’re all in this together.

Your college friends are there with you facing the same struggles as you that college has to offer. Friends remind you that you are not alone.

2. How to forgive and forget.

They will stop you from dwelling on the past and move on with the present. They bring out your best you and are always there to remind you of that.


3. How to trust.

You trust them with everything. You open up to them with all your feelings and let them in, knowing they won’t hurt you.

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4. How to love unconditionally.

Throughout college, you make mistakes! Your college friends teach you that it is okay to make mistakes and that they are always there to love you, even if you mess everything up.


5. It’s OK to put yourself first sometimes.

As college students we lose sight in caring for ourselves. We often find that many things come before our own needs. College friends help us understand that we need to care for ourselves.

What are some other life lessons your friends from college teach you? Comment below and share this article with friends, especially if they taught you any of these life lessons!
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