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5 International Youtube Channels That Will Give Viewers New Perspectives

International Youtube Channels are an amazing way to see other corners of the world from home. You get to see how life is like in other countries. Below I listed my top 5 International Youtube Channels that will transport you far away in the best way possible!

1. Life Where I’m From (Japan)

This Channel stars Canadian Greg Lam’s chronicles in Japan. He married a Japanese woman and became the father of two Canadian Japanese kids. The family lives in Japan now. Documenting their day-to-day life in the suburbs near Tokyo. And viewers get to see what apartments, schools, bathrooms toilets, food, and other things are like in the Land of the Rising Sun. I have got to say that as an American, I was shocked but intrigued to see how many differences there are between Japan and the U.S!

In one video, Greg visits a Japanese Elementary school to see how students eat their lunch. The food is prepared from scratch by chefs. Yes! By scratch! And you know what’s more insane? Many of the ingredients are grown by the students in the school garden! With these facts alone, I am confident enough to say that eating lunch in this country is a thousand times better than in the U.S. You can also see how well behaved the kids are when eating their food. Well at all times to be real! 

Another great feature about this channel is that it goes a little beyond Japan. There are viewers of the channel that get to film their day-to-day life in their respective countries. So as a bonus, we can explore other parts of the world without leaving this International Youtube Channel.

2. Minimal Russian Girl (Russia)

Minimal Russian Girl will give you an inside look at Vika’s life. Vika, living in Krasnodar, Southern Russia, will guide you through her journey in marriage, motherhood, and vignettes from her unfiltered life. I love her channel because of how honest and realistic her vlogging style is. Unlike many YouTubers who “enhance” their vlogs, Vika chronicles her life without making it look staged. I even find her humble home to have more personality than other vloggers’ homes. 

One amazing video of hers is a tour of an apartment she rented in the city of Tula (near Moscow). The apartment complex is old and a little rusty. And to be honest, I was a little concerned about her living situation. But her extremely positive attitude has assured me that she is comfortable and content. And by looking at her own apartment room, I can point out great things about this space. It is small, but it is intricately decorated and makes you feel warm and welcome. On top of that, you get to meet her daughter and husband. Together, they make one of the cutest families I’ve ever seen on the internet!

Beyond the family home dynamics, you will get breathtaking visuals of Russian towns, supermarkets, museums, and other public spaces. All gorgeous places she takes us to of course!

3. ShiliTV (China)

This International Youtube Channel will take you on various field trips to wellness institutions in China! Hosted by Chinese vlogger, Shili! Shili has a massive repertoire of getting various types of treatments around her home country. These include massages, facials, cleanses, and ancient Chinese remedies. In each video, you will get close-up shots of her receiving whichever treatment she gets. Plus, the environment is super calm, quiet, and relaxing. 

Here is one highlight video of hers! In this video, she gets an insomnia treatment called Tibetan sleep therapy. So it is made to improve your circadian rhythm. What makes this video special is what the treatment entailed: Shili got her head hammered. Yup. Hammered. The practitioner takes a wooden hammer and lightly taps her head with it many times. The practitioner also makes a medicinal liquid with ancient Chinese herbs and applies it to Shili’s neck with the same wooden hammer. It was one of the most interesting videos I have ever seen!

Each wellness institution Shili visited is gorgeous! Especially the places where she received her Ancient Chinese treatments. Now those places look like ancient Chinese temples! They are an incredible sight!

4. ReacThing (Korea)

This International Youtube Channel will set the internet to a storm. Based in Korea, Youtuber Zoey will give you many different types of content. There are videos where she tries snacks from around the world with a friend. She also reacts to Tik Toks challenges, videos involving American culture, and other fun content that is not huge in Korea. 

See Also

My favorite series of videos involve Zoey’s grandmother, Grandma OK, meeting different types of people that are not super present in Korea. And by that, I mean minorities such as members of the LGBTQ community, foreigners, and other people. In one video, she meets a transgender woman for the first time. Keep in mind that Korea is behind when it comes to accepting the LGBTQ community. But Grandma OK kept an open mind and gave an incredible conversation with her guest. I even cried when watching this video because of how sweet it was. It gave me hope for the world!

I find this channel to be perfect for anyone who wants a laugh, cry, etc. Zoey and Grandma OK add so much life to it! The picture I posted below will show how cool Grandma OK is!

5. De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina (Mexico)

As a half Mexican, I genuinely felt like I was back at my Pueblito when I checked out this channel. Dona Angela: the host of this channel, will give you some of the best food content ever! I guarantee it!

In each video, you will get an intimate look at how the dame of a Mexican household cooks traditional foods for her family. All from scratch. Instead of a modern kitchen, she uses an open fire to cook her dishes. A setting that is common in many rural ranches. 

Dona Angela’s charisma also steals the show. She will make every viewer remind them of their grandmother. She certainly reminded me of mine!

Did any of these International Youtube Channels transport you out of your bedroom? If so? Let us know which International Youtube Channel got your attention the most!

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