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5 Hints You Should Always Look Out for When it Comes to Body Language

Humans have this secret way of telling the truth without verbally telling the truth. The truth lies within our ability to read body language and expressions. If you are in desperate need to know these tips could be helpful.

Do you want to know if your partner truly likes that gift you bought them? Stay tuned to learn about secret indicators to know if your gift was a flop. 

1. Facial Expressions

You can get a better understanding of how someone feels by simply paying attention to facial expressions. Identify your partner’s fake smile from the real one. Take notes on the way they look when they are surprised, confused, excited, etc. You will know if it’s genuine because their facial expression will be consistent with each emotion. 

Have you ever seen someone text “LOL” with the most serious look on their face? It’s probably because they wanted the person they were texting to believe they were interested in the conversation, but you witnessed otherwise. Facial expressions are ways to indicate how someone is feeling in real-time, so don’t be too quick to shut down face-to-face meet-ups. It’s harder to indicate facial expressions when you text even though we have emojis.

Facial expressions can mean different things to different people. It is your job to get an understanding of what each expression could mean for your person. 

2. Eye contact

Non-verbal cues sometimes give us more information than conversation. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who showed you no eye contact? Do you remember how it made you feel? Now think about a time when someone showed you too much eye contact to the point where the conversation became awkward. These cues can mean a number of things such as your partner not being interested in the conversation, they could be holding back information, or they could be really enjoying the conversation. Being able to differentiate between each can be challenging, so assess the level of eye contact in different situations. 

For instance, when talking about an uncomfortable topic with your partner you may notice eye contact becomes harder for them to obtain. In similar situations, eye contact may be too much. Can you believe some liars can intentionally hold eye contact with you for a long time in order to make you believe that they are not lying? If your partner holds eye contact with you to the point where it makes you feel uncomfortable, then they may be hiding something from you. 

A lack of eye contact could mean that person is shy, distracted, or even uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t want their partner star gazing into their eyes? Figure out how you can make things back to normal with some of these cues. 

3. Body Language

If you and your partner are sitting down having a conversation and their body is facing away from you, it’s probably a sign that they aren’t interested. We as humans typically show interest through our bodies without even realizing it. When conversations are interesting, our body engages with them as well. You can note the level of comfortability by the level of confidence our body reveals. High shoulders are a symbol of confidence. Crossed legs are a sign of not being interested. Tapping can symbolize frustration and the list goes on. 

Leaning in is a good sign when it comes to romantic partners. You could read the body language as they enjoyed your company. When your partner seems distant they probably aren’t feeling your presence at the moment. Our body can mean different things based on the relationship we have with the person we are talking to. Interpersonal communication could be formal or informal, as well as our body language.

When we are interacting in formal relationships our body language can come off as very professional. We don’t slouch when interacting formally and our clothes are less comfortable and more professional. When we interact in informal relationships we allow our bodies to be at ease and have less tension. We also wear comfortable clothing.

4. Voice pitch

You know the switch in tone your voice makes when you are upset and about to cry? It’s uncontrollable and no matter how much we try to adjust our voice back to normal it’s probably too late. Our peers can hear a voice squeak at any point so masking our voices is kinda foolish even though we still do it. Our voice pitch is different based on our different emotions. For example, when your partner is excited you can almost hear the smiles in their voice. Similarly, when your partner is angry you will hear a rude tone. 

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The tone of voice can help you read body language because we speak based on our genuine state at the moment. Although we can calm down our pitch, the things we say can also indicate how we feel even if we put it more adequately. 

5. Space Usage

We tend to take up space when we are comfortable and confident. As I mentioned earlier, we allow our shoulders to expand and don’t slouch when we are confident. This is because we feel free to be in charge and own the room. If you found your partner sitting in one spot all night quietly, let me be the one to tell you they are uncomfortable. 

Humans tend to open up when they find a certain level of comfortability. If you find your partner doing the opposite you should figure out what went wrong. Your partner will take a mental note that you noticed a difference and may be open to sharing their feelings. 

Taking up space makes us memorable in a way. When we are closed off we push ourselves away from the notoriety. Take up as much space as you can to get your power back.

What are some signs you think should be included in our body language list? Comment them down below. Some are easier to identify than others. Reading body language is a must if you want to maintain your relationship. 

Iyana Dumas

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