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5 Hidden Spots in Florida

5 Hidden Spots in Florida


When a lot of people think about Florida, they immediately think about Miami or Disney World. Miami and Orlando tend to take majority of the spotlight from tourists with the occasional tourists traveling to Tampa. With so many people only going to very specific places in Florida, that leaves for so many hidden spots. Florida offers so many beautiful places that you can get to for fairly cheap. From down in Miami all the way up to Jacksonville, there are so many parks, beaches and activities that go unnoticed by the tourists. The next time you take a trip to Florida, skip out on the traditional Miami beach and Epcot, and try one of these hidden spots instead.


  1. Vanderbilt Beach

Now, you’ve probably heard of Fort Myers. For Myers and its beach are beautiful. They have colorful sunsets and great little bars along the beaches. Another thing that Fort Myers has is a lot of people visiting to get that sun in. Luckily, there’s a more quiet and calmer beach just about 20 minutes south from Fort Myers. Vanderbilt Beach is located in a more residential are so there aren’t as many tourists in this beach. This beach offers beautiful sunsets that completely take over the entire sky. Beautiful colors such as orange and pink cover the sky and make for a breathtaking sight. The demographic there is also very relaxed. With mostly families and retired coupled living in the area, majority of the roads are open as many of the residents uses bikes to get to the beach. There are also a lot of places to stay that are walking distance to the beach that make for a quick and easy trip for a great price. Vanderbilt beach also has some bars relatively close to the beach so you can walk over, grab a bite or a drink and head right back to the beach.

  1. Homestead

Located just south of Miami, this little city offers a lot of stuff to do on your trip to Florida. Obviously, there are beaches in Homestead that have beautiful views and relaxing vibes. However, this is not where Homestead shines. There are so many parks and tours that not trying a few of them would be a missed opportunity. The Everglades Alligator Farm is a great place to take your kids to see some wildlife. The farm hold alligators of all ages and allows you to view them all. You’ll also be able to hold a baby alligator to get a cool picture. They also offer airboat tours which will take you through the everglades national park to see alligators and other wildlife in their natural habitats. The Knaus berry farm is another great place to checkout in Homestead. Surrounded by ranches and farms, this farm allows you to go in and pick berries that are in season. They also hold pumpkin patches here during the fall. Mostly known for their fresh and juicy strawberries, this is a great place to go for a date or with your kids. While you’re there make sure to buy one of their homemade cinnabons.

  1. Clearwater

Clearwater is located just west of Tamps. Another beautiful beach to go and enjoy the sunset at. The beaches there offer clear waters, as the name suggests, as well as a great opportunity to get to see some dolphins up close. There are also a lot of museums in the area such as the Salvador Dalí Museum. An amazing museum for any art and poetry fans where you can also participate in yoga classes. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is another great place to go, especially if you have kids with you. Here you’ll be able to interact with dolphins and learn about various forms of marine wildlife. Also, about 25 minutes east of Clearwater, you’ll find one of the last fully functioning drive-in theatres in Florida. Silver Moon is a great little romantic spot that you can enter for half the price of a regular theatre for the same movies.

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  1. Mount Dora

Another great little spot just about 45 minutes north of Orlando. Mount Dora is a great place to spend a full day in. Lake Dora offers beautiful views with a lovely park just right next to it. You can walk around the park and enjoy the farmer’s market. Here they sell lots of artwork, clothing, and flowers for you to enjoy. The Historic District in Mount Dora is somewhere you must go when you visit here. With dozens of cozy little shops and restaurants, you can easily lose yourself walking down the streets here. There’s also a great hidden little bookshop that sells all types of books and even records and cd’s. There are tons of antique and craft shops that offer so many different and unique designs and styles. There are also a lot of bars and places to try different brews and crafts made for the specific season.

  1. Paradise Beach

A great, hidden little beach in Melbourne Florida. Paradise Beach offers some of the most beautiful sunrises in Florida. With clear skies and lots of privacy, this beach is never too crowded and is one mostly used by the locals. Enjoy the hot Florida sun as you spend your day there. With lots of beach styles restaurants down the entire coast, you’ll be set for the day. Enjoy a nice bike ride or walk down the beaches. Play some beach volleyball with the locals who are always open to more players. This is a great beach to go to to just enjoy your day in peace. A great spot to make some great memories in. Paradise Beach also offers free parking that’s only about a minute or two walk to the actual beach. A quiet and friendly little beach that is away from all the Orlando craziness. They also have a food truck right outside the main entrance just in case you want something quick and easy. This is a great place to go with any group you travel with. 

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