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5 Hacks To Keep Your Dorm Room Smelling Fresh

5 Hacks To Keep Your Dorm Room Smelling Fresh

Dorm living can be hard. Struggling to maximize limited space and keeping everything clean and fresh can be a daily battle. Especially with roommates and pets complicating the issue. With all these factors, keeping everything fresh can be a daily stressor and struggle. Society19 is here to take your stress away! Here are 5 hacks to keep your dorm room smelling fresh and help you stress less. 


Scented Soy Candles
This hack is great for those who want a lasting scent solution and added warmth to their living space.

1. Scented Soy Candles

These scented beauties are perfect for expelling any nasty smells from a small living space. Soy candles are especially slow burning and last several hours compared to other candles.And the best part? Scented soy candles are totally customizable to your scent preference! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors that are perfect for any color scheme or setting. The bright flames add a comforting warmth to any space and help keep you comfortable in your dorm room. They are great for baths and desk work. I personally keep a candle lit at all times when I have work to do at my desk to help keep me calm and soothed. Candles and warm light have been scientifically proven to improve your mood and invoke an inner sense of calm. In addition, scented soy candles are relatively inexpensive. You can have some scented candles as cheap as $5! Making them a perfect fresh smelling solution for any college budget. If you’re looking for a fresh scent that will envelope you in a sense of calm this year, try this hack out. 

This hack is great for a fast acting and strong scent.

2. Incense 

This hack is for those who love a strong smell or those who need to expel a stink quickly from their living space. Incense are fast acting, working almost instantly from the time they are lit. Incense comes in a variety shapes, sizes and scents that will fit any dorm space. My personal favorite is a fresh bamboo scent. I enjoy this incense especially since it does not have the rustic musky scent that is typically stereotyped with incense. Even better, incense offers an opportunity for decorating! With incense comes the need for an incense holder. These holders come in a variety of shapes and styles that fit any dorm style and budget. Most are relatively small and cheap. Online stores, such as Amazon and World Market, have a wonderful selection of incense holders. I personally got mine from World Market. My incense holder is a dark wooded oak with white soft painted swirling lines tracing down it’s length. The only downside is that incense can be very overpowering for a smaller space. If you want a fast acting strong scent but don’t want to be overpowered you can also open a window to help prevent this. If you need a fast, easy and stylish fix to your musty dorm room, try out incense! 

Timed Air Freshener
This hack is great for long lasting scent.

3. Timed Air Fresheners

While this hack is a little on the more expensive size, you will never have a stinky musk in your dorm room again! I personally love using these timed air fresheners with bathrooms or those who have pets. Timed air fresheners can be set to when you want a burst of freshness, and the best part about these scented lovelies is that you don’t have to be home to keep your dorm room smelling fresh. Most smell goods, like incense or candles, require the user’s initiative. Yet with a time air freshener, all you have to do is plug it in! There are a variety of companies that make timed air fresheners that we all know, like Febreze and Glade. The only downside of these contraptions is that their initial cost is a little higher than incense or a candle would be, ranging upwards of $40. Yet this price is still well within a college budget. In addition, you will have to buy air freshener pods as a replacement. How these work is that an internal timer will go off in your timed air freshener, releasing a set amount of essential oils into the air. I personally set mine for every 3 hours so that it will last a little longer. Replacing a pod is fast and easy. Simply pop out the pod and replace it with a new one, be sure to take off the cap. This allows you to switch up your scents if you’re not feeling one that day. When you’re looking for a constant consistent freshness throughout your dorm room, try this hack out. 



This hack is great for those who want a lovely visual along with their fresh scent.

4. Humidifier 

This unlikely friend is perfect for those who are looking for subtle softer scents in their living space. Humidifiers come in a variety shapes and colors that make them stunning to look at. Some even have changing LED colors on them. The soft water vapor that spews from them is both refreshing and soothing for those long days after classes. You can even make your own scents by combining different essential oil together! The only downside of a humidifier is that the essential oils that it operates on can be expensive. Ranging from $6 per tiny bottle. And depending how much use it, you face the dilemma of having to constantly buy essential oil. Yet this is by far the most soothing and prettiest of the scented goodies out there. Humidifiers are the ultimate comfort and subtle beauty that adds a sense of elegance and life to any living space. When you’re looking for a more subtle scent, try this hack out. 

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Air Freshener
This hack is great for that immediate relief from a bad smell.

5. Air Freshener 

This hack is for those who need to get a bad smell out of their home in an instant. Spray on air fresheners are great for that fast fix, but are not ideal for a long term scent solution. Air fresheners also have a habit of creating a sticky residue on the surfaces you spray it near. Yet air fresheners are a lifesaver for an overpowering stinky odor. From my personal experience, I use an air freshener for a quick solution followed by a candle or something that is more lasting. If you need a fast, easy and instant solution to a stinky problem, air fresheners are your best bet. 


When you live in a dorm room, the overpowering musk of an aged room can be overpowering. It can feel like it permeates through your clothes and belongings. Yet with these 5 easy hacks, you can keep your dorm room smelling fresh and yourself stress free.