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5 Great Rain Boots For Spring (That Aren’t Hunter)

Spring has officially sprung! Look your best for the rest of the semester by stepping into one of these 5 pairs of cute rain boots for spring –all under $100!

1. Chooka Euro Plaid Rain Boot $80

At 14 inches tall, these deep blue boots with cute plaid accents will stand out in the grayest weather. Get them here!

2. L.L. Bean Women’s Wellie Ankle Rain Boot $69

Upgrade your Bean Boots with these cute ankle boots! The green is the perfect shade for spring and will match many outfits! Get them here!

3. Kamik Orchid USA Rain Boot $70

Be bold and stand out in the crowd with these patterned boots! Even better, these boots are 100% recyclable and made in Canada. Get them here!

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4. Tommy Hilfiger Glisten Rain Boot $60

You won’t have to worry about matching your outfit to your boots with these high-gloss booties! The high-gloss black matched with the brown strap is sure to go well with any outfit. Get them here!

5. UGG Women’s Shaye Bandana Rain Boot $80

Play up the patterns this spring, without going overboard. The bright red stands out, while the white bandana pattern holds its own in the background. Bottom line: you’ll be sure to catch someone’s eye in these! Get them here!

Do you have a go-to brand of rain boots for spring? Let us know in the comments or share this article with a friend!
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