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5 Great Common Beers for Non-Beer Drinkers

5 Great Common Beers for Non-Beer Drinkers

Common Beers, 5 Great Common Beers for Non-Beer Drinkers

Thinking about putting down your glass of wine or cider and taking up a good ol’ pint? The change can be hard, especially when you don’t know where to start! With so many different beers on tap at Wetherspoons how are you supposed to decide which one is right for you? Are you an IPA person, or a lager drinker?

The process is actually more difficult than you’d think. Everyone’s palate is slightly different when it comes to beers, what’s malty for one person, is floral for another, is just cardboard for another! The trick is simply to experiment! Be brave and ask the bartender for a recommendation and see what you like!

But there a few diamonds in the hoppy rough that most agree to be easy drinkers for first timers. Here’s are 5 common beers you can find nearly anywhere that are non-beer drinker friendly!

1. Corona

Corona is one of those beers that never get old. Crisp and surprisingly smooth, Corona is one of few common beers that is favoured among beer drinking veterans and beginners alike for it’s easy drinkability! The added bonus is that there very little after taste, which means you can go on drinking it all night! Don’t forget to ask for it to be served with a lime wedge for that classic citrus flavour that pairs with it so perfectly!

5 Great Common Beers for Non-Beer Drinkers

2. Blue Moon

As far as common beers go, this one closes the gap between a fine dining beer experience and a heart-warming pub trip. Ask anyone, the famous Belgian style wheat ale has undeniable class. Especially when served with an orange wedge on the side. Made with orange peel in the brewing process gives Blue Moon a distinct fruity flavour. If you’re wanting a little extra sweetness in your ale, you should also give the mango and honey flavoured Blue Moon range a try. The mildness of this beer combined with the delicious flavours make this a sublime choice for a beginner!

5 Great Common Beers for Non-Beer Drinkers

3. Sharp’s Atlantic

When people think of Sharp’s, their usual go-to is the malty and woody Doom Bar. But such bitter flavours in common beers is not really what we’re going for with this list. For non-beer drinkers, Sharp’s Atlantic is an absolute must! It has a sweet aroma and an earthy flavour that doesn’t end up being too overbearing. It tastes fresh and smooth, the perfect pale ale to have if you want to ease your way into the beer drinking.

5 Great Common Beers for Non-Beer Drinkers

4. Wychwood Hobgoblin Gold

A little hoppy, a little malty and very light! It might not sound like much of a description, but it’s actually a fairly difficult balance to get right with beer. Lots of hops can usually bring out a very bitter flavour, and malts can quickly make things sweet. While Hobgoblin Gold definitely has a certain tang, it’s still very easy to drink!

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For a bonus tip, make sure you drink this golden ale out of a glass when you try it, to really get the full effect of that amazing golden ale colour!

5 Great Common Beers for Non-Beer Drinkers

5. BrewDog Lost Lager

As far as common beers go, BrewDog Lost lager adds a funky twist from the plain pilsner flavour. It has a slightly herbal and bready flavour that carries on through scent and taste. There’s also a slight after taste of bitterness while still being light and drinkable! If you looking for common beers that can last you all the way through a Friday night, then you’ve found a winner here!

5 Great Common Beers for Non-Beer Drinkers

Are you thinking about getting into beer drinking? Have you given any of these common beers a try? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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