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5 Gift Ideas For That Special Someone This Christmast

That time of year is around the corner, Christmas! Yet for shopping for that special someone this year, it can be hard to know what the perfect gift idea is. If you’re having trouble choosing a Christmas present for your significant other this year, fear no more! Society19 is here to help you find that perfect present for your sweetheart. Here are 5 gift ideas for that special someone this Christmas.

This gift idea is great for a laugh and staying warm.

1. Funny Socks

If you’re looking to make your special someone smile this year but don’t have a large budget, try out this gift idea. Funny socks are always available for a wide variety of prices. You can even make custom socks that won’t break the bank! For this gift idea it is important to know your sweetheart’s interest in order to best tailor this gift idea to their needs and sense of humor. For instance, my boyfriend is obsessed with Naruto, having watched every season several times. So for this Christmas I have decided to get him some Naruto socks that will make him smile while also appealing to his nerdy side. There are numerous online and physical shops to choose from when picking out the perfect funny socks. Etsy is a great place to find some of the more obscure designs you might be looking for. There is a shop and funny socks for everyone.  When you’re looking for a cheap way to make your significant other smile this year, try out some funny socks this Christmas. 

This gift idea is great for when you have a little extra to save up.

2. Watches

This gift idea is for those who have the means to save up a little money for their special someone this year. Watches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, color and designers that are perfect to fit any budget or style. Watches are highly customizable to your sweetheart’s style and your price point. There are thinner chains and smaller watches for those who prefer something a little more subtle. In contrast, there are also larger bulkier watches for those who enjoy that big designer look. The only downside of this gift is that you have to know your sweetheart’s wrist size and the right watch can be a little expensive. You also have to have a firm understanding of your significant other’s sense of fashion in order for this gift idea to be a success. Yet if you’re looking to wow your special someone this year, this hack is a must try. 

This gift idea is perfect for those who cherish active listening and gift giving.

3. Functional Items

Depending on your significant other, the gift of functional appliances might be the best gift of all this Christmas. Has your sweetheart complained about not having something that they wish they had? Perhaps it’s a cooking item? Something around the house that would make their life easier? Give the gift of something that keeps on giving! This type of gift, while not glamorous or stereotypical, shows your significant other that you were listening and that you care about their needs. For instance, last year, I had a very pathetic kitchen set to the point of barely functioning. My pots were scratched, the handles were rusted, and the bottoms, barely holding together. I told my boyfriend about this and did not think anything of it. Yet when Christmas rolled around,  I received an entire new kitchen set from my boyfriend, made of pure stainless steel. These types of gifts give a strong sense of joy and care that is guaranteed to bring a tear to your sweetheart’s eye. Even if the item isn’t as expensive as a new kitchen set, the thought of wanting to help is the best gift of all for Christmas. 

Books are a great way to appeal to your sweetheart’s interests.

4. Books

This gift idea is for all those readers out there. Books are a great and relatively inexpensive way to bring a smile to your special someone’s face this Christmas. Books are great for appealing directly to your sweetheart’s interests. For instance this year, my boyfriend is getting a cookbook from me from one of his favorite chefs. The only downside of books is that your significant other must enjoy reading and picking up a book. If your sweetheart isn’t a big reader this gift idea won’t work. Yet for those who have a book worm out there, this gift idea is a must try for any Christmas occasion. 

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This gift idea is great for that gamer in your life this Christmas.

5. Xbox games

This gift idea is a perfect combination of appealing to your sweetheart’s interest and making memories together. Buying an xbox game for that special someone shows them that you care about their interests and want to be a part of what makes them happy. This gift keeps on giving as a memory maker. Xbox games allow for you to make fond memories with the one you love while also giving them something they will enjoy. If you have someone who is into sports games, EA Sports Xbox games are endless. Whether they are into basketball or hockey, EA Sports has it all. Is your special someone not into sports games? No problem! Call of Duty is a great option for those who love to play against other players but do not like sports. In addition, if your sweetheart doesn’t like sports or war games there are plenty of cute games out there! My personal favorite go to for wholesome fun is a little game called Slime Rancher. Where you are in charge of ranching slime and discovering new cute characters. When it comes to Xbox games, there is a game out there for every interest and gameplay preference. The only downside to this Christmas gift is that your sweetheart has to own an Xbox or you have the means to get them a console. Xbox games can be expensive and it’s important that you know what your special someone likes and doesn’t like in gameplay. Yet if you have the means and knowledge of your special someone, this gift idea is great for making them smile and making memories for a long time to come. 

This Christmas, appeal to your person’s interests with these great gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for a designer brand or heartfelt gift, there is a Christmas present for everyone on this list.

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