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5 Fun & Useful Tech Accessories

If you’re like me, you love cool and useful gadgets but are not willing to throw down for the Google glass. There are so many useful and simple inventions that leave you shaking your head and asking yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?!” In college I discovered an innovative type of hanger where multiple hangers can be swung under the closet bar, and I was impressed by the ingenuity when I realized that this straightforward product helped me reduce my closet space by 80%, a highly coveted result especially since the dorm life leads you to appreciate every free square foot. Sometimes the best technologies are the simplest. Here are my picks for 5 fun and useful tech accessories!

1) Mobile Phone Bike Mount: While biking, sometimes you want to be able to use your GPS (hands free), listen to music, or call your friends on speakerphone. This is an awesome tool for long bike rides exploring a new city, or for even commuting to work before you’ve gotten the hang of it.

2) The Selfie: Before you feel like a fool for purchasing a device to help you take selfies, think about the possibilities! Portable and lightweight, you can throw it in your bag for a day of sightseeing or traveling alone (you’ll never see those strangers again anyway). It boasts a shutter release that can help you take a group photo of all of your friends without leaving someone out.

3) Impossible Instant Lab Photo Printer: I need this. You hook up your iphone to this device and it prints out analog photos instantly. We’re all so used to accessing everything online that we rarely make it to a CVS to actually print out photos. For instant gratification, just prop it up on your desk and get to printing!

4) Stick ‘N Find Sticker Set: How much time do we waste over our lifetimes looking for our keys? You can attach a Bluetooth-enabled finder sticker on anything that you want to keep track of.  You’ll receive an alert on your phone when anything travels out of safe range.

5) Adaptation Glow-In-The-Dark iPhone 5/5s Case: An iphone case that glows in the dark would be useful to easily locate your phone in a dark room or out at the club. But utility aside, it’s just cool. Pink or blue, take your pick!

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