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5 Foolproof Hairstyles Every College Girl Should Master

5 Foolproof Hairstyles Every College Girl Should Master

This post is for all my college girls (and girls in general) who are on the go but still always aspire to look their best. These 5 foolproof hairstyles look so adorable on all hair types and are very do-able in under 5 minutes (given the right amount of practice). I got help from two of my lovely best friends, Sydney and Hannah. We’re all busy ladies so we had to cram the whole shoot into a 30 minute window, AKA I can attest that these simple, foolproof hairstyles can actually be done VERY quickly!

1. Braided Top Knot

I’ve seen these practically everywhere and they are so simple, yet they somehow transform a basic top knot into something suitable for any occasion. The tutorial we followed can be found here.

2. Dutch Braid & Low Bun

This is one of my go-to favorites. It is inspired by the one and only Barefoot Blonde. Her tutorial can be found here.


3. Half Up Bun

It is such a clever twist on an already easy hairstyle. Amp up the classic half up style by balling the “up” portion into a bun. A great tutorial on this can be found here.

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4. Braided Half Up

If you can get the hang of #2, you can pull this one off for sure. Make a french braid (or regular braid) on both sides of your part, then tie them together in the back. It’s very self explanatory but for a little extra help, refer to the tutorial that we used, here.


5. Low Bun

The low bun is the perfect balance of elegant and effortless. It’s great for those days that you need to look extra polished and can be accomplished with a few strategically placed bobby pins. A few helpful tips for recreating it can be found here.

*All images provided by Madison Pritt