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5 Flowers To Make Your Dorm Room Blossom

5 Flowers To Make Your Dorm Room Blossom

When looking for a way to liven up your living space, it can be hard to pick a color scheme. What works for your room and what doesn’t? Flowers are a great way to add life to any space. But with hundreds and thousands of plant species out there, it can be tedious and mind numbing to pick one that is just right for your living space. Society19 is here to help! Here are 5 flowers to make your dorm room blossom. 


Violets are a great way to add a color pop to any dorm room.

1. Violets 

These rustic beauties are perfect for a dorm room that doesn’t have a lot of light but is in desperate need of a color pop. Most of these lovelies come in a beautiful royal purple with white edges caressing their petals. I also love their dark green wide ruffled leaves that add a unique pop to my decor. Violets do not require a lot of light, but should receive bright indirect sunlight for at least four hours a day. I’ve had my violet for years and it only requires you to water it about once a week. Make sure you’re letting the soil thoroughly drain, as they are prone to mold if you’re not careful. Not sure if these purple beauties are right for you? No problem! With 525 species of violets to choose from, there is one for any kind of style and living space. 



This flower is great alive or dry!

2. Lavender 

While this flower is more subtle than the others in color, the smell and sweet aromatics are unmatched to any flower in the world. These soft light purple and blue beauties are perfect to add a sense of sophistication and elegance to any living space. Even better, they are perfect for those who love to dry flowers. In my family, it’s tradition to dry out lavender and rosemary and give it to your family members as sweet little gifts.These plants do require a lot of sunlight and prefer slightly cooler temperatures. They are happiest around 60F. Lavender can be grown both outdoors and indoors. This plant loves fog and wet weather. In addition, these plants grow as big as the pot you put them in, making them ideal plants for when you need to manage your living space. If you’re looking to add a sweet sense of nature to your dorm this year, try out some lavender. 

These flowers are perfect for adding that tropical pop to your dorm room.

3. Birds Of Paradise

These unique beauties are perfect for adding that tropical look to your living space. Their bright colors of yellow, popping orange and deep purple, are unforgettable at first glance. These plants get their name from their shape, with their long elongated petals, looking as if to be a beak. With the flowering tendrils on the top looking like soft features of an elegant bird. And while these plants can be more expensive, some ranging upwards of $100, they last forever and grow exponentially. Like the lavender, they grow according to the size of the pot they are placed in. They prefer an abundance of bright indirect sunlight and mild temperatures, making these plants perfect for any indoor space. If you want to add life to your dorm room that is unique and unforgettable, try a bird of paradise to give yourself that sense of tropical passion this dorm room season. 



This flower is the king of subtle color for any dorm decor.

4. Stairway To Heaven Bearded Iris

These flowers are perfect for those who want to add life to their dorm room, but don’t want loud popping colors taking up their living space. Bearded irises are the king of subtle color and add a sweet scent of elegance to any living space.Their soft smell sweeps you up in a nature’s breath of calm. Plus, they are gorgeous when they catch the soft hues of light that may filter through a window.  The stairway to heaven bearded iris requires partial shade and well drained soil like the violet. You want to be careful to not let these sweet beauties mold. The ideal planting for these lovelies is in the fall, but since they are going to be inside, you can plant them anytime! These flowers are relatively inexpensive compared to other plants,ranging from about $11 to $20. Irises come in a variety of colors. If soft blue and purple isn’t your style? Try some pink or yellow irises to add that soft breath of spring to your living space! 

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This flower is the perfect combination of bonsai and color pop.

5. Satsuki Azalea

If you love that bonsai tree look but want flowers, the satsuki azalea is the best of both worlds. These flowers blossom as a soft pink with a yellow inside that offer that perfect sense of subtle warmth to any living space. And the best part? They are relatively cheap compared to some other plants. And while it is potentially more expensive than a violet or lavender plant that are  only about $20, these beauties range from about $40 to $50. Yet with the added sense of a deep rustic tree coupled with the pop of pink blossoms, the price is well worth it! These guys need well drained acidic soil. The satsuki azalea does need bright sunlight for at least a few hours a day. Bright indirect sunlight is a good substitute for these afternoon sunny hours. Note, that your dorm room does not have to be constantly saturated in sun for these beauties to thrive, rather, it needs just a few hours in the sun in the early hours of the morning or afternoon. If you’re looking to add a little tree of life to your dorm room space this year, try out the satsuki azalea. 



With so many plants of all shapes, sizes and species out there, it can be exceedingly difficult to find the right one for your living space. Yet with these 5 plants, there is a blossom for everyone that will add that perfect sense of life to your dorm room. Whether you are looking for bright attention getting color pops or subtle hues of colors, these plants are a perfect match for any dorm room living.