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5 Films to watch Together as a Family

5 Films to watch Together as a Family

  1. The Incredibles

  • One of the best films to come out of the early 2000s. The Incredibles is a great film with something for every member of the family to enjoy. It has action and heart that will entertain anyone, especially the kids. It has humor meant for both the kids and the adults. This film has a good story that clearly took a lot of time and effort to create. Topped off with some amazing visuals that still hold up today and an iconic theme song and you have a classic. The Incredibles is still regarded today as one of the greatest superhero films to ever come out and rightfully so. There is a sequel to this film and while it doesn’t quite deliver as well as the first one, there is still a lot to enjoy. The first film will always have a special place in the heart of anyone that grew up in the early 2000s and has become a film to share with generations to come. So, grab your entire family, get your favorite snacks, and enjoy one of the most iconic films to come out of Pixar and Disney.


  1. Big Hero 6

  • This film has a very unknown past for a lot of fans. While many know it as a Disney property, the origins of Big Hero 6 come from the pages of Marvel Comics. These characters were reimagined to fit a younger audience and the result was a heartwarming and action-packed adventure about friendship and family. This film was one that took a lot of people by surprise. The lead mascot of this film, Baymax, became a staple in Disney characters due to his innocent and lovable personality. The rest of the supporting characters all offer something different for everyone to enjoy. There’s humor, heart, action, love, and self-discovery. This is definitely a great film to watch when you want to show your kids the importance of family bonds and friendship. This film also touches on the subject of death. While it might be a sensitive subject for kids, this film shows how to keep someone’s legacy and memories alive. There’s a lot to unpack here, but it never distracts you from the film itself. Once it’s on, the film keeps you in its story and makes sure to keep you engaged all the way through.



  1. Up

  • Another instant classic that took the world by storm. Up is a great film that has so many important themes in its story. The opening scene in this film is one of the most beautiful scenes from Disney to date. Similar to Big Hero 6, this films also touches on death and how to move forward after tragedy. This film has very lovable characters and pets that come together to take part in a heartwarming adventure. Up is a great film for kids to watch when they need to learn about self-importance and discovery. The film has a very strong message, and it uses its wide range of characters to deliver it. Friends can sometimes be made during the worst times of your life and sometimes they can come in the most unexpected ways. Whether it’s a pet or another person, friendship is a very important value to have and cherish. This film also teaches that the past is not meant to dwell on but be used to keep yourself moving forward and achieve the impossible. This is a great film to enjoy with anyone in your family. And since the leading characters seem to fit the relationship between a grandfather and grandson, it’s great for the grandparents to watch with the grandkids as well.


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  1. Inside Out

  • Emotions can sometimes get the best of us, but it’s important to control them and understand that life will not always be fair. Inside Out teaches kids about emotions and what can affect them. This film also touches on the importance of sharing your feelings with your parents and kids. Sometimes a family problem that seems impossible to fix can have a solution if you share your concerns. This film also values friendships and the memories that can come out of good times. Everyone is going to have a few bad days in their lives, but the film teaches kids to use happy memories or core memories to remember the importance of life. It’s a great film for parents to watch with their kids to teach about self-restraint. A lot of kids tend to act on their emotional impulses alone and don’t know the consequences. This film does a great job at reaching out to kids and using a relatable character to teach them the importance and power that emotions can have over a person.


  1. My Neighbor Totoro

  • This is one of the few films from Japan to become so popular here in America. My Neighbor Totoro comes from Studio Ghibli and while it is made for kids, it has a lot of adult themes. Sickness and death are two very strong themes in this story. As our two main characters worry about their mother’s health, the youngest daughter of the two comes across the mysterious and friendly Totoro. Totoro was meant to be the mysteries of the world as envisioned through the eyes of an innocent child. This film teaches kids the importance of faith and hope. That through sickness, there is still always hope. Love alone can accomplish so many wonders and that is something else this film touches on. For the parents watching this film, it also shows how important the role of being a parent truly is. A lot of single parents can find warmth from this film. While the father isn’t divorced in this film, his wife’s time in the hospital leaves him alone to take care of their two daughters. The memories made between a parent and their kids during their youth is crucial. This is a wonderfully warm film to watch with the entire family anytime.