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5 Fashionable Keychains To Make At Home

Are you looking for a way to cure boredom and make something that is cute and lasting? Keychains are a cute way to stay fashionable and keep your boredom at bay. And the best part? You can make them at home! Here are 5 fashionable keychains to make at home.

This keychain is perfect for adding that special touch to your crafts.

1. Custom Acrylic Keychains

This craft is perfect for making customizable gifts for your friends and family. This craft makes a great gift for Christmas or birthdays, having the ability to fit the style and needs of your friends and family. The only downside of these keychains is that they are slightly more expensive to create. As you do have to buy the stainless steel hooks and a kit to insert them. Also, the acrylic and designs can also be expensive. For instance, you can go through online websites that make custom designer keychains for your friends and families. Or to cut costs and maximize creatively, you can make them from scratch! Take a few blank keychains that you can buy at any local craft store, such as Michael’s. Carefully paint designs using acrylic paint. This keychain is not only a cute way to kill time, it’s a great gift for those you love. Once you have completed painting your design, coat with a nail polish clear coat or a paint finisher to give it that nice sleek shine. Watch as you impress your friends and yourself with your artistic ability with this cute keychain idea. 

This keychain idea is great for when you want to acquire a new skill.

2. Lanyard Keychains

While this keychain is pretty common, the charm of it is timeless! This keychain idea is totally customizable to your preference. And leaves you feeling satisfied as you gently weave the plastic strands together to create something beautiful. This keychain is relatively inexpensive to make, the lanyard strings ranging between $7 to $9. You will also need a ring for the lanyard to attach to. The first knot is the hardest. You have to lay out your string. Cut one string and then measure it against the other. Place them in an x formation. Take your string on the left top and pass it over the first string and then under the second. Repeat this process and pull tight. You should be left with a checkered knotted pattern attached to the ring. Now you repeat the process to make your lanyard as long as you want! Tie it off and carefully snip with scissors and enjoy! Note, that this keychain may take time, as it is an acquired skill and takes some serious patience to learn how to do it right. Yet once you get it, you can make keychains to your heart’s desire. 

This keychain is perfect for when you want to create something unique and lasting.

3. Pressed Flower Keychains

While this keychain idea is a little more time consuming and is a delicate process, the results are well worth it. This keychain craft does require you to have a silicone kit. These keychains are totally customizable to you and what favorite flowers you want to make last forever on your keychain!  I personally love to press lavender and create small keychains out of the beautiful fragrant flower. Note, you can press your flowers by putting them between the pages of a heavy book and weighing it down. Leave it for at least 3 days or so until it is fully pressed and somewhat dried. Next, take your silicone kit, and pour your silicone into the mold, filling it about halfway, letting it dry almost completely. Note the longer you let your silicone sit the less bubbles it will have in it, making it so you come out with a smoother looking keychain. Yet if you like the bubble look, by all means pour in your silicone fast and don’t let it sit for too long. Wait until it slightly hardens, take some fine tweezers and insert your dried flower. Pour the remaining silicone over it and keep it in your mold for at least 6 hours or according to the instructions on your kit. Remove from the mold and you are left with a gorgeous unique keychain! 

This keychain is perfect for making memories last.

4. Photo Keychains

This type of keychain makes for a great meaningful gift for yourself, family and friends. You will need a small photo for this one and a unique kind of keychain. The craft stores or online stores will be your best friend for this one. There are certain keychains that are designed to have photos inserted into them. Some are also designed to have a separate compartment to add glitter or other decorations over your picture. This one does require patience, as sometimes these tiny keychains can take time to insert your photo into. Once you have your photo inserted, you can move onto the other compartment and add glitter, small beads or any other decoration you may want. This keychain is perfect for any gift giving occasion or curing your own boredom. When you have some time on your hands, try making this keychain. 

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This keychain is great for gifts.

5. Snow globe Keychains

This keychain is for those who have some extra time on their hands and are feeling adventurous. Note, that you will have to get some snow globe filling fluid for this one, or you can make it a dry snow globe. These special key chains come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are totally customizable to what you want to put in them. I personally love to put small beads and coordinating colors of glitter. There is a small snap cap that you remove before interesting your goodies into the compartment in the keychain. Note that you will have to be delicate when interesting your glitter and beads. They can be fragile without their lid on them. These keychains are especially cute and cheap gifts to give to your friends that are customizable to their styles and glitter needs. Make sure you fill it about halfway with glitter and beads if you are going to add liquid for the full snow globe effect. If not, go ahead and fill it close to the top before snapping the cap back on and enjoy your cute and stylish key chain. 

If you’re looking for a way to cure your boredom and create keychains that are both cute and lasting, these keychain ideas are for you. With so many styles and ideas to choose from, there is a keychain for everyone on this list.

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