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5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials For SJU

5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials For SJU

When the summer is finally over, you’ll need to be prepared for the fall. The stores are packing away the sundresses, crop tops and swimwear as they start putting sweaters back on the racks. Autumn is Katy Perry weather – it’s hot, then it’s cold… So for most of us, it is hard to figure out how we are supposed to dress. Do we wear light t-shirts or sweaters? Keep reading for a list of 5 wardrobe essentials you need this fall to be comfortable and fashionable on SJU’s campus.

1. Comfy sweaters.

Comfy sweaters are always a go-to outfit essential during the fall. Who doesn’t love to throw on a comfy sweater? They are cozy, yet still fashionable! You can even dress them up or down. Sweaters make me crave fall weather because I just love to wear them.


2. Boots.

You can’t go wrong with boots; even if they hurt, all that matters is if they look cute…Right? For me switching to wearing boots is the sign that summer is over and fall has officially begun.

3. Scarves, scarves and more scarves.

I love scarves! They get me super hyped for the fall season. You can dress any outfit up with a scarf because it adds a little more style to your outfit. The more scarves you have, the merrier will be… that’s my motto!

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4. Hoodies and sweatshirts.

The fall can get really cold sometimes, especially when it starts getting closer to winter. Wearing hoodies and sweatshirts is comfy, and is a new fashion statement on campus. You will see tons of students sporting hoodies and sweatshirts on campus this fall!

5. Skinny jeans.

Some of you may wear these on cooler days in the summer but during the fall, skinny jeans are a definite necessity! Whether you are wearing them with boots or sneakers, you can never go wrong wearing skinny jeans.

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