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5 Epic Games To Take Game Night To The Next Level

Everyone deserves to have some time set aside in their week to get together with friends and have some fun! This issue is, what are you going to do? I’ve got just the solution with these 5 great board games that will lead to hours of fun!

Wits & Wagers™ Vegas Edition

Combine trivia questions with gambling and you’ve got your next favorite game. There’s no pressure to know the right answer, just take a calculated guess. Before you know it, you’ll be rolling in imaginary money!

I played Wits & Wagers for the first time with my partner’s family and we couldn’t get enough of the trivia questions the game provides. Not only will you be entertained, but you’ll walk away with tons of random facts you can use to impress your friends!

This game is designed for 3 to 7 people to play. It comes fully equipped with a custom felt betting mat, 14 betting tokens in a range of colors to choose from, and 112 cards with 2 questions each leaving you with 221 trivia questions to get through. To answer the questions, you’ll use tiny whiteboards with dry-erase markers that allow for minimal clutter and no excess trash to worry about.

You’ll always have some stake in the game since you’re given two tokens to start with and they never get taken away. The rules are simple and the total set-up time is just five minutes. Test your luck with this entertaining game!

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Millennial Lotería

Created by Mike Alfaro, this modern twist on the traditional game of Lotería acknowledges the current trends happening in today’s media and reimagines the game for new generations of people to enjoy! Starting out as just a parody project, Millennial Lotería quickly gained popularity and even caught the eye of the New York Times!

This revamped version of Lotería still follows the same rules, just with more relatable cards. Previous cards like La Dama have become La Feminist and El Mundo is now La Student Loans. Even the placeholders have turned into bitcoin tokens. The game comes with ten cards making it perfect for large groups. For some extra fun, pool together a pot of money to compete for and get playing!

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Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

This seemingly random group of words is actually the title of one of the most action-packed games you can play with friends. It is very easy to learn with just one main objective; slap the deck when the card shown matches the word that was just said. I’m sure that still sounds confusing out of context but you’ll catch on fast!

The game is designed for groups of 3 to 8 people. The deck of cards is dealt out equally amongst the players. As you go in a circle, each player takes turns placing a card down and reciting the name of the game one word at a time. When the word spoken matches the card that was just played, it’s game on! Be the quickest to slap the deck and take all the cards for yourself. This continues until one person holds all the cards and is declared the winner!

You’ll be anxiously sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for just the right moment to steal all the cards and get one step closer to victory! The competition is high with this fast-paced card game which may or may not result in some bruised knuckles. Take your game night to the next level with Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza!

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The Chameleon

In this game, you’re either the hunter or the hunted! There’s a chameleon among you, trying to blend in. Use your skills of deduction and reasoning to flush them out! If you’re the chameleon, then hopefully you’re good at getting out of a tough situation. 

Get together 3 to 8 of your most mischievous friends and take turns trying to fool each other! In each round, cards are passed out to determine who is a normal player, and who’s the chameleon. A topic card is selected and a set of dice are rolled to determine the Secret Word. At this point, everyone takes turns shouting out a related word to prove they are in on the secret. The chameleon is left out and must rely on context clues to try and fake their innocence.

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After that, things start to get interesting! Fingers get pointed in every direction as people try to figure out who the chameleon is!  After everyone has a chance to defend themselves, a voting round takes place. If the chameleon remains hidden, they have one and the game starts over!

The rounds typically last around 15 minutes making it a great game to start off the night with some laughs before diving into something more time-consuming. Just be careful not to devolve into absolute mayhem before you get a chance to do anything else! 

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For The Girls

Break out the wine glasses and gather the girls together for a night of laughter with For The Girls. It’s best played with a close-knit group because you’ll have to decide who’s best deserving of the cards included in the game. Despite having the word “girls” in the title, I know from personal experience that this game works for all gender identities, although you may have to skip some cards.

Included in the game are 5 different colored stacks of cards that represent individual mini-games. For example, pink cards give you a dare. If you accept the dare and complete it, then you get to keep the card. Purple cards will force you to expose your secrets by making you reveal if you’ve done whatever is on the card in order to keep it. Set a timer for however long you want to play, and whoever has the most cards at the end gets to name themselves the champion of game night!

Get this game at Target for $24.99

After playing all these games, you’ll wish the night never had to end! Get together with friends and family to enjoy a game night you’ll never forget!

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