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5 Effortless Hairstyles For Busy Days

5 Effortless Hairstyles For Busy Days

Getting ready in the morning can be hectic especially when you have a bad hair day. Sometimes you need a fast and effortless hairstyle to transform your hair. Here are five hairstyles that can transform your look in just a few minutes.


  1. Sock Bun

The sock bun is a great style for when you don’t have that much time. To make a sock bun find a donut scrunchie that is made for sock buns. You can usually find these at your local drugstore or beauty store such as Ulta or Sephora. Once you have the donut scrunchie put your hair up in a high ponytail with a hair tie. Next, put your donut scrunchie over your ponytail and fold your hair over until you make a tight bun. Secure it with bobby pins and you’re ready to go.



  1. Side Braid

A side braid can be another great quick hair style. Start with slightly damp hair and part your hair to one side. Next braid your hair and secure it with some bobby pins and a hair tie or rubber band.


  1. 5 minute curls

This hairstyle is great when you’re on the go. Simply heat up your curling iron and section your hair off into 5-7 sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Wrap a section around your curling iron. The key with this hairstyle is when you secure the section with your curling iron make sure the ends are secured and the middle is slightly loose. You don’t need to focus your curling iron on one section for too long since this creates a more wavy style. You should only need about 30 seconds at the most. Repeat this process for each section until you have finished. Lastly, mist your hair with hairspray to set your hair.


  1. Half-up

The half-up hair style is easy and effortless. For this hairstyle gather the top part of your hair up in a ponytail. If you have time you can also curl the bottom half to add more flair to your hairstyle.

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  1. Braided headband

The braided headband is a cute hairstyle that can add personal touch to your look. For the braided headband, pick a longer strand of hair then start to braid that strand. Once you braid it, secure it with a rubber band hair tie. Next, comb some of your hair back hold that part back and then put the braided strand over the pulled back section of your hair. Secure this style with bobby pins and hairspray and make sure to eliminate any bumps with pins.