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5 Easy Tips To Perfect The NYC Style

5 Easy Tips To Perfect The NYC Style


New York City is arguably one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and for good reason. Just look at the streets of New York and you will find women sporting the hottest trends and displaying effortless style 24/7. But just how do these ‘it girls’ make their New York look work so well? It’s simple. They keep a few basic rules in mind, rules that you too can use to perfect the NYC style.

1. Flaunt All Black Everything

Each season there’s the new ‘it color,’ but one color that will never go out of style is black. As a chic year-round neutral, New Yorkers know that black is the best color to sport in the concrete jungle. Black tee, black jeans, black boots? Now that’s a winning combination.

2. Sport Practical Footwear

Now when I say practical, I don’t mean sacrificing fashion for comfort. Instead you want to find the perfect combination of the two. With the amount that New Yorkers walk daily, fashionistas have found the chicest way to stay in style without the hassle of blisters. Sneakers have become a staple in everyone’s closets and have found a place in every kind of look. Nike Roshes and denim? Chic for daytime. Adidas Superstars and a dress? Trendy for night.


3. Wear Leather Jackets

…No matter what season it is! Whether you’re more uptown or downtown, a leather jacket will never be out of place. You can pair the classic jacket with a concert tee and jeans, or add it over top of a mini dress and stack on some statement jewelry. No matter the look, with a leather jacket you’re able to give your outfit some true New York edge.

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4. Remember Your Trusty Handbag

One thing that all New Yorkers know to be true is that it’s always best to be prepared. The best way to ensure this is to carry a classic handbag that can hold all of the essentials. Find a cute tote, a trendy backpack or a chic bucket bag, that can transport all of your belongs throughout the city. Just make sure you’ve got a spot for your MetroCard in there!


5. Parade Your Confidence

The final key to perfecting the New York street style isn’t an item; instead it’s you! Making it in the Big Apple is all about bringing that attitude, so you have to wear every look with confidence. Turn the city into your own personal catwalk and let your clothes do the talking!
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