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5 Easy Tips To Balance Work and School

5 Easy Tips To Balance Work and School

Being a student in college is already hard enough with schoolwork, but if you are someone like me who needs to make money while in school, it can be very overwhelming. These are 5 easy tips on how to balance work and school that will help to ease the pressure!

1. Develop a Plan

Coming up with a plan to be able to work and do schoolwork is essential. Something that helps me is making a schedule. Putting down the times I have work and school and figuring out the best times to study helps to relieve my stress!


2. Time Management is Everything

The key to balancing classes, studying, work and your relationships is managing your time. Putting in hours during the day of when you are going to accomplish each task will help in the long run with balancing your time and will help you to avoid being burnt out.


3. Take Time to Breathe

Proactively plan some down time for yourself as often as you can, and do something meaningful to recharge your batteries. When you feel overwhelmed with something, stop and take a breather. Take a break! This could be by watching a movie, taking a walk, talking with friends; the possibilities are endless.

4. Build a Support System

Have someone who you know will always be there for you. This person could be a friend, family member or mentor. Having someone to talk to when you feel like breaking down or are too stressed is always good. It’s reassuring to know that you are not alone.

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5. Stay Motivated

It may be a photo, a quote or a handwritten letter to yourself, but find something to remind you of why you’re putting in the hard work. Knowing what your end goal is will help you to strive to be your best self.

It’s never easy to balance work and school. Any other advice for our readers? Comment below and share!
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